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Tax Return Assembly, A Broken Process Resolved

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Tax Return Assembly

Would you say tax season was a breeze this year? If you’re like most tax and accounting firms operating today, the answer to that question is most likely “no,” or “absolutely not.” And among all of your typical stressors that accompany late nights, errors, and miscommunications are the vast challenges associated with the preparation and tax return assembly for delivery to clients.

More often than not, the preparation and assembly of tax returns is a thankless ordeal that can feel like a million steps by the time the client receives the return. And without much visibility into all that is involved in the process; the tax return assembly and delivery process can be incredibly frustrating for clients as well. The paper returns process is costly, inefficient, and outdated. Firms can save thousands of dollars each year and get through the busy tax season by implementing automation solutions on each and every step of the returns process.

Behind The Scenes

To add accident to injury — and as if collating and delivering returns wasn’t already a pain — it is still common practice for firms to send their clients’ tax return using direct mail. 75% of tax returns are still delivered this way, despite the time consuming paperwork, greater probability of error, and the costs associated with sending these robust packages. Between the cost of the paper, the folders, mailers, envelopes, and postage, firms can easily spend $10-15 dollars or more on each return. And that doesn’t include the cost of the human to assemble them!

If a delivery is successful, you still have to make sure your clients are on top of signing the forms, returning it to the proper agency, paying taxes due, and paying your fee. Once you’ve collected everything you need, it feels like it’s almost time to start preparing yourself for the stress of next quarter.

For most accounting and tax firms, this process is becoming too big of a problem to handle without some type of clear and logical system for information delivery.

Is There An Automation Solution To Tax Return Assembly?

Firms often use secure file exchange or a combination of filing processes to solve their tax return delivery issues; but the solutions don’t contain the features necessary to handle complicated returns, workflows or requirements regarding their client’s tax package delivery.

E-signing processes for 8879 forms has helped, but there are often more than a dozen additional steps many one-off processes don’t account for.

Luckily, there are better options out there for anyone looking to streamline their office workflow with a process that includes step-by-step instructions and eliminates mountains of paperwork. SafeSend Returns is a cost-effective, time-saving system that enables your team to process, review, approve, and deliver tax returns in minutes. SafeSend Returns also includes  comprehensive reporting, tracking, automated K-1 distribution, and e-sign for 8879 forms – giving visibility into the client actions that snail mail will never provide. With all documentation in a single transaction, clients are less frustrated, and the process moves seamlessly along.

Let’s be real. It can feel like a nightmare to put yourself through the same tiresome tax return process over and over. See how the award-winning SafeSend Returns automated tax return assembly, delivery, tracking and reporting solution is leading the way and offering a light at the end of the tax return tunnel. Schedule a demo today!

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