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SafeSend Celebrates Rapid Growth; Earns Workplace Culture Award

SafeSend, a market-leading provider of tax workflow automation and client collaboration technology solutions for tax and accounting professionals, celebrates rapid growth across the organization while sustaining its award-winning company culture.

Swift Growth Continues

SafeSend grew 70% in the last 12 months as hiring continued. With hypergrowth defined as 40% growth, the 360% increase in talent since 2020 is a strong testament to the vigorous trend at SafeSend.

“We’re a growing and vibrant business,” said SafeSend Chief Executive Officer Scott Fleszar, “and we remain on a trajectory for more great things to happen.”

Winning Workplace Culture

SafeSend recently earned the 2023 BDO Alliance Workplace Culture Excellence Award. The annual award program recognizes outstanding business practices and determines winners on evidence of strong employee engagement, growth and advancement opportunities, and a thriving people-centered culture.

“Having a happy, engaged team is a great way to ensure business success and we are honored to be recognized with this award from BDO Alliance,” said Erika Carlson, Head of People at SafeSend. “We understand that the best way to build a great company is to bring on great people to build great things.”

With a company culture that is most often described by employees as authentic, SafeSend is a team-oriented environment where staff are motivated by the desire to provide innovative technology and continually offer top-notch customer service. Trust, innovation, and collaboration are at the core of the culture at SafeSend, creating an energized and connected environment whether working in person, remotely, or hybrid.

Building a Committed Team by Investing in People

Our managers are thoughtful and intentional about how they train new team members—they put a lot of time into creating onboarding schedules and engaging the team to help the new person get started. Our teams are supportive and welcoming,” explained Carlson. “Our onboarding works so well because we understand how much those first days and weeks matter, and everyone involved works together to make our new folks feel supported and successful.”

Fleszar added, “Bringing on the best and brightest in an environment that encourages innovation and stellar customer service is foundational to our continued success.”