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Invest in Innovation: SafeSend Suite Pricing

Invest in your firm confidently with technology solutions to help you automate the tax engagement process and elevate the client experience.

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Pricing for the SafeSend Suite is easy to understand. We offer great value supported by a pricing model that makes sense for tax practices – it’s flexible and fits firms of any size.

SafeSend Pricing Model

Pricing for the SafeSend Suite is based on the number of tax returns delivered to your clients using SafeSend Returns. Period.

You pay a per-return fee for each delivered tax return. The fee is the same across all supported return types – 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, and SMLLC.

When purchasing, you choose the SafeSend Suite level that is right for you, the Suite Essential tier or the Suite Preferred tier. Our simple tiered pricing model gives you instant access to modules and features within the SafeSend Suite without any additional software costs beyond the per-return fee. That’s it. Use SafeSend Returns to deliver completed tax returns to your clients and have full access to the other modules and functionality included in each tier.

SafeSend Suite Tiers
Suite Essential Suite Preferred
SafeSend Returns SafeSend Returns
SafeSend Signatures SafeSend Signatures
SafeSend Extensions SafeSend Extensions
SafeSend Organizers
SafeSend Exchange

There is also a one-time fee for initial training and onboarding services for new customers, however we offer ongoing training all year long at no cost so you can train new staff or stay up to date on the latest enhancements.

We Don't Charge:

  • Per seat fees
  • Monthly/annual maintenance or renewal fees
  • Support fees
  • Scaling firm size fees
  • Network/terminal server fees
  • Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) fees

If you’re used to vendors passing along layered fees, SafeSend will be happy to disappoint you by not following suit.

Value of SafeSend Pricing

Anchored by the award-winning tax return delivery and e-sign solution SafeSend Returns, the SafeSend Suite is an entirely unique and powerful platform that helps firms reduce work by automating every client touchpoint in the tax engagement process.

From engagement letters, tax organizers, and questionnaires to secure file exchange, document request lists, tax return delivery, e-signing, automated K-1 delivery, invoicing, and payments – the SafeSend Suite has you (and your clients) covered!

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