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About SafeSend

Listening, Learning, & Innovating

SafeSend’s mission is to automate the tax and accounting profession with innovative, emerging technologies that help practitioners work more efficiently and better serve their clients. Progressive accounting firms and tax practitioners rely on our unique and robust solutions to make their lives easier and their work more enjoyable.

SafeSend offers several foundational technology solutions for the tax and accounting profession. The SafeSend Suite is a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award and has redefined the way accounting firms address tax return processes from getting tax ready and flowing data in and out of tax preparation software, to finishing with tax return delivery and e-signing, in order to file quicker. We solve real-world problems for the tax and accounting profession – from tax ready to finish & file – through award-winning automation SaaS solutions. Schedule a demo.

SafeSend Innovation Timeline

Automation is in our DNA®

We are continuously investing in innovative solutions to keep tax and accounting firms moving forward in the digital world. Our proven track record of advancements and award-winning technologies is how you know that we are never content to stand still. SafeSend customer feedback is a driving force for improvement as we strive to produce solutions that make our employees proud to say, “I work at SafeSend.”

The Evolution of cPaperless SafeSend

Born from the paperless movement in the tax and accounting profession, CPA Paperless or “cPaperless” was founded to address the overwhelming amount of work that was a reality for most firms moving to a paperless office. Today, our company SafeSend, builds innovative solutions that have automation at their core – making tax and accounting work easier and more enjoyable.

Products, such as TicTie Calculate®, CPA SafeMail (today called SafeSend Exchange), and SignatureFlow® addressed the pain points of working securely with workpapers, large file transfers, and capturing signatures in the paperless environment. Additional solutions addressing the manual work of engagement letters, client organizers, tax return assembly/delivery, and collecting e-signatures were introduced through several product releases that culminated in the SafeSend Suite that firms know and love today!

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