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Success Stories

Success Stories & SafeSend Customer Reviews

We’re proud to present a collection of real-life SafeSend customer reviews through an array of videos, case studies, and quotes. If you are considering the SafeSend Suite to streamline tax processes at your firm, ask your Sales rep to connect you with referral. We are confident you’ll like what you hear.

Case Studies from Successful Firms

Sikich LLC

Learn how the firm reduced costs and workload while improving client service and 8879 turnaround time.

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Read how Rehmann doubled their production, cut overtime costs, and received nearly all signed 8879s within 24 hours.

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Friedman + Huey Associates LLP

Find out how this firm eliminated inconsistencies, standardized workflow across three offices, and saved 583 hours!

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Therrien & Associates, P.C.

Learn how the firm saved 25 minutes per return, provided excellent client experience, and eliminated paper processes.

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SafeSend + Thomson Reuters

One platform, one simple login. Read how three firms experienced nearly 100% positive client response with SafeSend.

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Find out how KBCA reduced partner workload, replaced multiple software platforms, and eliminated paper processes.

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Learn how this firm provides a smooth client experience, increased partner work capacity 50%, and reduced work to less than 55 hours a week.

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BMSS Advisors & CPAs

Learn how BMSS automatically downloads e-signed 8879s, simplifies the tax process for their clients, and reduces deadline workweeks to 55 hours or less.

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Robert W. Morris & Company P.C.

Find out how the firm streamlined processes, elevated the client experience, and slept better during busy season!

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What Firms Are Saying

SafeSend Returns is the best delivery system for tax returns I have used in 30 years. Could not get through tax season without you guys.

- Joe Montgomery
Montgomery & Company CPA

Going from manually sending out returns to SafeSend Returns has been a game changer. No longer is sending out returns the bottle neck in our process. We love SafeSend!!

- Keestan Willes
Scottsdale CPAs PLLC

SafeSend Returns® saves 15 minutes on every return.

- Melody Young, Administrative Team Coordinator
BMSS, LLC Advisors & CPAs

You literally know when it shows up in the SafeSend® dashboard as a completed 8879, you can let it fly in the tax program and you're done.

- Virginia Dennerlein, Director of Operations

The experience with using the SafeSend Suite® has been very positive for our clients.

- Jenni Bieck, Director of Technology
Huberty CPAs

We quickly figured out SafeSend Signatures was free with the SafeSend Suite®; making it an easy decision to reduce our Adobe® contract - saving $90k - and go with SafeSend.

- Russell Goldberg, Partner

Clients love the idea of using SafeSend Returns® because they don't want paper; they're tired of paper.

- Lisa Goldbecker, Adminitrative Assistant
Therrien & Associates, P.C.

My older clients needed to be able to use it, my younger clients trust it, and my staff love it. SafeSend® was that tool.

- Robert Jones, President and Founder
RC Jones & Associates Inc.

Real-Life SafeSend Customer Reviews

Ed Murphy & Co

Papin CPA

BMSS Advisors

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