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API Developers

SafeSend API Developer Information & Portal

Harness the complete power of the SafeSend Suite when you fully integrate with your firm’s existing technology through APIs and self-service tools. Empower your developers to create new services and optimize current tech tools. Log in to get started

Ensuring High Standards for Your Firm’s IT Team

You have high standards when it comes to building and maintaining software in your firm. SafeSend understands this drive for excellence and provides your IT team with all the tools and resources needed to implement APIs, improve processes, and measure progress.

In the SafeSend Developer portal, you will find:

  • Technical documentation
  • API
  • Webhooks
  • Supporting Frequently Asked Questions
  • Sample code with testing environment

Use-Cases & Problems APIs Will Help Solve

Through the use of APIs, your firm can address these use cases:

Route taxpayer-signed documents directly to a long-term storage solution. Never miss an important document. All signed documents are automatically routed to the safety of your digital file cabinet, saving admin time in the process.

Never miss an organizer update from your client. Taxpayers upload source documents often and at a variety of times. Organizer APIs will automatically send new source documents directly to the workstation of the tax preparer, so you never miss another important document.

Free up valuable admin time. Archive returns, send customized reminders, pull current information, upload returns, and more – all automatically. Have complete control over your SafeSend process while allowing admins to focus on billable time.

Build Seamless Connections to the SafeSend Suite

With the SafeSend Developer Portal and Developer Section within the suite, your firm can integrate SafeSend into every part of your workflow.

Log in to the Developer Portal to get started.