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TicTie Calculate

The #1 Electronic Workpaper Preparation Tool for Tax and Accounting Professionals

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Easily Prepare Electronic Workpapers in Your Tax & Accounting Workflow from Scanned PDFs in Adobe® Acrobat®

A large number of accounting firms have shifted to a scan-upfront process. Meaning, they immediately scan source documents when they are received from their clients. Or they choose to outsource work to tax scan vendors using OCR technology that is only 75% effective. Where does that leave you?

Work Like You Think When Preparing Electronic Workpapers

You need an effective way to “finish” the preparation work. PDF source documents must be modified with an editor, like Adobe Acrobat, to add tape totals, tickmarks, cross-references, and page sign-offs.

The problem is that Adobe Acrobat was not designed for tax and accounting professionals. Luckily, TicTie Calculate is accounting-friendly and allows you to mark-up your PDFs in the same way digitally that you did on paper!

  • Digital calculator tapes
  • Customizable tickmarks in three colors
  • Single click page rotation
  • Automated bookmarking and repagination from customizable templates
  • Hyper linked cross references
  • Preparer / Reviewer page sign-offs

A Proven Track Record

More than six million electronic workpapers have been prepared and reviewed by more than 30,000 tax and accounting professionals to date! TicTie Calculate makes Adobe Acrobat accounting-friendly and fits into your existing process for preparing source documents, in order to prepare taxes.

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Integrates with All Automated OCR Scan & Organize Systems

TicTie Calculate integrates with all third-party tax scan vendors’ bookmarking structures. It allows the tax professional to quickly bookmark “unrecognized” documents and then move them to their proper location.

  • CCH ProSystems fx Scan
  • Drake Gruntworx
  • Lacerte ProLine Tax Import
  • Thomson Reuters Source Document Processing

Learn more about all you can do with TicTie Calculate in a live webinar.

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Popular Bookmark Templates

TicTie Calculate comes with bookmarking templates that match the bookmarking schema of the following OCR tax scan solutions (i.e. Scan-and-Organize or Scan-and-Populate).

  • 1040 Tax Return
  • Entity Tax Return
  • Bookkeeping
  • Engagement
  • Financial Statements

These bookmarking templates allow the user to easily bookmark, reclassify, and repaginate source documents that are not identified by the respective OCR scan software.

TicTie Calculate Pricing

Number of Workstations Cost Per Workstation
1-9 $220
10-24 $200
25-49 $180
50-99 $160
100-249 $140
250+ Contact Us

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