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Scott Fleszar named Chief Operating and Strategy Officer at cPaperless SafeSend

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SafeSend Continues Growth with Addition of Accounting Technology Industry Veteran. cPaperless SafeSend announced industry veteran Scott Fleszar has been appointed Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, effective November 1, 2019. The…

A Better Way to E-Sign

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E-signatures are not a new or niche technology. We use them every day when we put our cards in Square and Toast terminals to pay for our coffee, and they’ve…
Tax Return Process

A Complete Overhaul of Your Tax Return Process

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Accounting may not be as seasonal as Halloween costume stores or Christmas decor pop-ups, but it’s beholden to the calendar all the same. Our busy tax season, which has a…

eSign – the Beginning of Tax Transformation

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The rate at which technology alters our lives is accelerating, even in areas that are notoriously resistant to change. Taxes for example are not traditionally thought of as a cutting-edge…