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Top 7 Predictions for Tax Automation in 2024

Hot topics in 2024 will revolve around artificial intelligence (AI), e-sign to e-file, vendor relations, and an increased focus on the firm-client relationship through remote experiences. Both firms and vendors will be looking for ways to leverage AI, particularly in the tax document gathering process.

Prediction 1: AI will be the hot education topic in 2024.

AI technology will ultimately enable firms to provide clients with a more intuitive, straightforward experience.

Prediction 2: Firms will strengthen their tech stacks.

Common tech products don’t meet the specialization of the tax and accounting profession.

Prediction 3: E-sign to e-file will happen in 2024.

The digital journey from e-sign to e-file will be completed before the end of 2024, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of tax automation.

Prediction 4: The value-add of integrations and APIs will drive closer relationships between trusted vendors, marketplaces, and partnerships.

Integrations and APIs with specialized industry vendors will be the go-to approach.

Prediction 5: A handful of leaders will rise to the top.

Major players such as Thomson Reuters, Wolters Kluwer, and Intuit will select the best-of-breed vendors to add to their marketplaces or strategic partnership programs.

Prediction 6: Enterprise firms move toward ‘single-pane-of-glass’ projects.

We’ve heard from both our enterprise firms and the market buzz on the rising need for a SPOG or ‘single-pane-of-glass’ in the tax and accounting profession. A SPOG brings all vendor tech and data into one manageable dashboard or unified console.

Prediction 7: Firms will invest in a remote taxpayer experience.

Firms will have frustrated clients if they do not adopt digital client experiences which require zero client education to meet the ease-of-use expectations. Tax automation is at the forefront of meeting this demand.

Tax Automation Transformation

SafeSend® is at the forefront of this transformation, leading the profession into a new era of efficiency and precision. Our focus on continuous innovation and listening to our customers allows us to provide technology solutions that solve real-world problems for firms and their clients.


Andrew Hatfield, SafeSend Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, leads revenue growth, strategic partnerships, and SafeSend’s long-term priorities and agenda. He is a recognized industry speaker and thought leader as well as an enthusiast for emerging technologies that impact tax and accounting firms. Hatfield lends his automation technology expertise and deep domain knowledge of the profession to help create innovative software solutions—each providing exponential efficiency gains for tax and accounting professionals.

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Top 7 Predictions for 2024!

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