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Busy Season Mental Health: Tax Time Solutions for Accounting Professionals

Fielding yet another client call for a password reset while sending out reminders for estimated tax payment due dates and tracking down e-file authorization forms can feel like the last straw in a long line of tasks. The workload increases and lack of sleep during busy season often leads to burnout for accounting professionals.

You’re Not Alone

Often when you feel overwhelmed it feels like you’re the only one who is facing frustration and anxiety. It may seem like no one understands. Learning that other tax professionals share these feelings can shed light on what may seem like a dark state of mental health.

Tax Time Solutions That Lighten the Load

Finding tax time solutions like the SafeSend Suite® can address the pain points that burden you during busy season and help the finish and file process. When you automate all the client touchpoints across the tax return process—especially the last mile—you can breathe easier as you cross the finish line of tax season. Learn the statistics and tax time solutions to help accounting professionals survive and thrive.


The State of Mental Health in Tax & Accounting

Download our State of Mental Health in Tax & Accounting infographic for statistics and resources for assistance during busy season and all year long. There are tax time solutions to ease your burden, you are not alone!

State of Mental Health in Tax & Accounting

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