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How Firms Deliver Best-in-Class Tax Client Experience

Providing the best possible service to their clients is a top priority for firms of all sizes. What constitutes a best-in-class tax client experience and how can firms deliver quality service consistently and at every touchpoint across the tax engagement?

Removing barriers and providing a simple, intuitive experience that ensures the security of their information shows clients that their needs are your focus. When you automate the tax process, clunky paper procedures are streamlined and your clients experience a simple, direct process for reviewing, e-signing, and returning documents to your firm.

One Automation Solution Addresses Multiple Frustrations

If the tax engagement is full of pain points for your firm, imagine the frustrations awaiting your clients. If they are still receiving a paper client organizer or a PDF version that requires them to print, complete, and scan to return, how long and cumbersome is that experience for them? Is your firm utilizing multiple solutions for different steps in the tax engagement? What might your clients be mumbling under their breath as they try to remember multiple usernames and passwords?

One automation solution addresses all these pain points—on both the firm and client side. The SafeSend Suite® eliminates the need for multiple solutions by bringing everything you need under one dashboard. Deliver and track all client documents out for signature from engagement letters and organizers to tax returns, 8879s, and extensions. Send document request lists, grouped returns, K-1s, and track the status in real time on a single dashboard.

If that sounds like a dream come true on the firm side, imagine the relief your clients will experience when they only have one login to keep track of and whenever they receive communication from you, it’s branded and coming from the same email address every time. They’ll know it’s a valid communication from your firm, removing any doubt about security.

“The SafeSend Suite is the most secure way to deliver returns to our clients.”—Amber Finley, Senior Administrative Assistant, Sikich LLP 

A Great Gathering Experience

Elevate the tedious task of gathering source documents for your clients and provide an experience that they can easily glide through. The SafeSend Organizers™ feature of the suite streamlines the gathering process. Firms have the power to provide a document request list, so clients know exactly what they need to supply. The ability to upload their source documents simply and securely is made possible via SafeSend Exchange™. The entire process is seamless for clients within the SafeSend Suite—one solution, one login, one fantastic, best-in-class experience.Not only is gathering made simple, but the improved turnaround time for getting a signed Form 8879 is evidence of how simple the SafeSend Suite e-sign process is for clients. Firms report the average time from a client opening the email to the firm receiving the signed Form 8879 is just 16 minutes, and nearly all clients return the form within 24 hours.

“With SafeSend, 99% of clients sign their tax returns within an hour to a day.”—Russell Goldberg, Partner, Withum

Show Clients You Understand Their Business

For business returns, the SafeSend Suite automated K-1 distribution helps firms empower their clients with the ability to send K-1s electronically. Clients simply verify or update the auto-populated email addresses for K-1 recipients, enter e-mail addresses for any recipients who have not received a K-1 in the past, and send K-1s via email with a click. The K-1 delivery status is tracked automatically for the client’s convenience as well.

No one wants a client who signs 20-plus returns to get 20 different emails and go through the process 20 different times. The grouped returns feature in the SafeSend Suite ensures the client can receive one email with one link to access and sign all of their returns. When you save time for your clients and simplify their processes, it’s another way to deliver the best-in-class tax client experience.

Give Your Tax Clients What They Need

Anticipating their needs is another part of delivering best-in-class tax client experience. Providing clients with a snapshot summary of the information that is most important to them, along with a few simple steps to complete their tax return shows you know what they prioritize. The SafeSend Suite allows your clients to easily review, sign, and return documents and tax returns from any device in any location. Clients have signed 8879s on an iPad from the hospital, reviewed and signed their tax return from a cruise ship in the middle of the sea, or signed and returned documents on their phone from an airport.

Clients can also effortlessly download tax documents or forward a copy of the return to a third party with the SafeSend Suite. They can adjust the automatic tax payment reminders, make any required payments directly to the taxing authority by simply clicking on a link, or choose to print vouchers and mail in payment(s).

Age is Irrelevant

While the technological advancement in the tax and accounting profession has increased exponentially since the pandemic, ease of use is still a valid concern when considering the best way to automate your tax process. While older generations may not be digital natives, many are quite tech savvy. When you employ an automation solution that is both simple and sophisticated, you bridge the gap and provide best-in-class tax client experience no matter the age or level of computer literacy.

“I have an 82-year-old client that only uses email for keeping in touch with relatives. She had absolutely no problem with SafeSend Returns®. She said it was the easiest thing to understand.”—Lisa Goldbecker, Therrien & Associates, P.C.

Assisting elderly clients is part of caring for clients and providing a smooth experience. Firms going the extra mile may help them in person. Adopting an automation solution that is both simple and comfortable to use for clients who may not think they’re able to master the digital environment can both surprise and empower this generation of clients.

 “The experience of using the SafeSend Suite has been very positive for our clients. I went over to an elderly client’s house to walk her through the process. She said, ‘Wow, I could have done this by myself.’”—Jenni Bieck, Director of Technology, Huberty CPAs

Respect and service are markers of a best-in-class tax client experience. Utilizing an automation solution that provides ease of use for older clients shows them how much you care.

Clients Love the Familiarity and Continuity

Pave the way for red-carpet treatment with the intuitive, guided interface that helps your firm deliver the best-in-class tax client experience every time with every communication. Happy clients are loyal clients. Firms know the excellent experience that SafeSend helps them consistently provide to their clients boosts client retention:

“We love our clients. The experience for our clients with the SafeSend Suite compared to what we were using before is like night and day.”—Rob Morris, President, Robert W. Morris & Company P.C.

 “Our clients love this process completely and have been very vocal about how appreciative they are to us for using the SafeSend Suite platform because it is very, very simple for them to use.”—Trisha Sapa, Operations Manager, Murry & Associates LLC

 “The SafeSend Suite is a one-stop shop for all communication with our clients.”—Joe Montgomery, Managing Partner, Montgomery & Company, CPAs

 With SafeSend, we’ve had nearly 100% positive response from clients,”—Peter Mayolo, Mayolo & Associates LLC

Adopting the professional tax automation solution that improves your client service and helps you deliver best-in-class tax client experience will have your clients thinking, ‘They thought of everything!’

The Best Compliment

Wish your clients were so pleased with their experience they wrote you a thank you note? Here’s one client’s personal experience:

“Using SafeSend was fast and unbelievably easy. When my accounting firm sent over the tax package, I reviewed and signed on my computer; my wife used her phone. It was seamless. The process for my corporate return was also very fast. I was able to download it, save it, and distribute it easily to the people who need to see it.

 “From my perspective as a business owner, the experience is the best I’ve ever had. I would recommend SafeSend to anyone in accounting. It’s a really great system. I was so happy with how it went that I wrote a letter to my accountant saying that I liked the new SafeSend package.”—Jerry Archer, President, Archer Sign Corp, client of 415 Group

Not only is the SafeSend Suite helping firms raise the bar on client experience but it’s solving thousands of little workflows for firms along the way. Uncomplicated, direct, easy. The SafeSend Suite makes your life easier by making your client’s life easier.


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