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How to get Buy-In from Partners on Tax Workflow Software Decisions

Firms seeking to prioritize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and security will benefit greatly by adopting tax workflow software that provides automation technology, positioning them for success as well as demonstrating their forward-thinking commitment to clients. When firms are evaluating new tax workflow software, often the staff using the software realizes the value first and must communicate that to partners. Decisions are influenced by cost, compatibility, and credibility.

A leading automation solution within the tax and accounting profession provides innovative solutions which allows firms to offer a simple one-touch experience for clients to review, fill, sign, and pay, while simultaneously cutting production time for firms 50-75% or more.

Big Benefits in Solving Pain Points

How can the admin team on the front line present the benefits of transforming their processes with tax workflow to decision makers?

Improving Information Gathering

Demonstrating clear cost savings is a great starting point. For example, if a firm’s current tax organizer process takes the entire admin staff a week of printing, labeling, stamping, and delivering hundreds of organizers to the post office. What would the cost benefit be to your firm if you used a tax workflow software that automates the process thereby reducing the time to one or two days for a single person?

The compatibility factor is instantly addressed when your firm adopts tax workflow software that converts the static PDF organizer from your tax compliance software to a fillable form that can be sent electronically directly to your client. Additionally, these digital tax organizers can be batch processed and include an engagement letter, questionnaire, and document request list. Using a digital process to send and receive tax organizers and source documents quickly and easily benefits both staff and clients—and dramatically reduces the time staff spend chasing down documents.

SafeSend Organizers, part of the SafeSend Suite tax workflow software, streamlines the information-gathering process and reduces the time it takes to get tax ready with a simple, intuitive solution to paper or portals. Trusted by over 65% of the top 500 firms, the SafeSend Suite has the credibility and experience in automating manual processes for tax and accounting professionals for over 15 years.

“SafeSend Organizers has been a game changer. We’re getting information weeks or months earlier than we normally would have, and it’s much easier for our clients.”—Trisha Sapa, Operations Manager, Murry & Associates LLC

Speeding Up 8879 Turnaround Time

Highlighting efficiency is an effective way to demonstrate what automation brings to your firm and secure partner buy-in on tax workflow software. Does your firm wait days, weeks, even months for clients to return signed 8879s? The best tax workflow software will reduce turnaround time to hours and eliminate the need to manually track which clients need to be contacted again to remind them to sign and return their e-file authorization form. Imagine the impact your admin team could have on other projects when your chase time is drastically reduced. When partners understand the impact the right tax workflow software can have firmwide, there’s a much stronger chance that they’ll be on board to adopt automation technology.

“Around filing time we found that we had thousands of tax returns that had been done for weeks but hadn’t gotten the 8879 back from the client. With SafeSend, our 8879 issue has totally disappeared.”—Russell Goldberg, Partner, Withum

Streamlining Assembly, Delivery, and E-Signing

Time is money. Implementing a tax workflow software that automates tasks and cuts production time in half—or more—saves money. Streamlining the tax return assembly, delivery and e-sign process as well as providing real-time tracking and reporting saves even more time. And finally, replacing multiple technology tools with one consistent platform elevates the client experience to best-in-class!

The time savings that automation provides the admin team has an effect on the rest of the firm as well. Presenting the impact is an important piece of gaining partner buy-in. When the admins have more time, they can take on other tasks and remove some of the burden from tax preparers and partners. If partners understand how automating processes by adopting a new tax workflow software reduces workloads firmwide, the prospect becomes even more appealing.

With the SafeSend Suite we were able to cut hours for all the accountants. From the beginning of February through April 15th they only were required to work 55 hours because we took off a lot off their plates.”—Melody Young, Administrative Operations Manager, BMSS Advisors & CPAs

Elevating the Client Experience

Improving the service clients receive from your firm is one of the most important ways you can express how much you value them. Providing an intuitive, familiar, and nearly effortless experience is a night and day difference compared to clunky paper processes or having to remember different logins and passwords for each step in the tax engagement.

When your clients can view a snapshot summary of all the important information they are interested in as well as the ability to easily review, e-sign, and return their e-file forms, they are appreciative of the time savings you provide them. Eliminating confusion and simplifying their experience demonstrates to clients how much they are valued.

“Our main reason for making the switch to SafeSend was primarily client feedback. The client experience is well worth the investment in the SafeSend Suite.”—Christopher Papin, Papin CPA

Implementing Quickly

Prior encounters with software implementation may have partners disinclined to adopt new tax workflow software. However, not all improvements have to be challenging. Your firm can implement a powerful tax automation solution to address every client touchpoint across the tax engagement journey in a matter of hours!

Demonstrating to decision makers that there’s no large upfront software investment, timetable, or rollout schedule that is normally associated with the traditional tax software implementation process is key to buy-in. Let them know that your firm doesn’t need to transfer or convert data. There are no costs involved in obtaining multiple licenses, nor is there anything to install. With the SafeSend Suite, a completely web-based solution, implementing new software technology has never been easier.

“SafeSend has been hands down the smoothest transition and implementation I’ve had. Their support and training are the best in the industry.”—Trisha Sapa, Operations Manager, Murry & Associates LLC

Multiple Touchpoints, One Solution

The SafeSend Suite® helps firms automate all client touchpoints across the tax engagement journey. From initial outreach with engagement letters, questionnaires, and source document gathering to automating the completion of the engagement with tax return delivery and e-signing. Provide an intuitive, secure experience for your clients from getting tax ready to finish and file with the SafeSend Suite:

  • Engagement Letters – SafeSend Signatures™
  • Tax Organizers – SafeSend Organizers™
  • Tax Return Assembly & Delivery – SafeSend Returns®
  • Secure File Exchange – SafeSend Exchange™
  • Extensions – SafeSend Extensions™

What’s the best way to influence partners and decision makers in adoption of tax workflow software? Schedule a demo of the SafeSend Suite so they can see first-hand the value of automation for your firm.

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The powerful functionality of the SafeSend Suite offers tax and accounting professionals automated solutions to address every client touchpoint across the tax engagement. Eliminate pain points for your firm and streamline the journey from tax ready to finish and file with the SafeSend Suite.

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