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Sail Through Implementation of the SafeSend Suite Tax Workflow Automation Platform

Implementing new software or technology has historically been an undertaking that took the wind out of a firm’s sails for days or even weeks. The SafeSend Suite™ workflow automation platform implementation process is simple and fast. In only a matter of hours your firm can set sail with this powerful solution that addresses pain points across the entire tax engagement!

Powerful tools in the SafeSend Suite include:

  • SafeSend Signatures™ gives your firm unlimited e-sign capabilities to all document types.
  • SafeSend Organizers™ converts static PDF organizers to a client-friendly, fillable form.
  • SafeSend Returns® automates assembly, delivery and e-signing of completed tax packages.
  • SafeSend Extensions™ allows firms to digitally send clients an extension package in less than three minutes.

Tax Workflow Automation Increases Speed and Efficiency

Implementing the SafeSend Suite is like adjusting your sails optimally to the wind; your firm’s tax workflow efficiency is increased. The SafeSend Suite tax workflow automation platform automates every client touchpoint across the tax engagement. Tasks which historically took 15-30 minutes or more take less than 5 minutes. Some tasks, like reminders, are fully automated and taken off your plate altogether!

Tedious tasks associated with the assembly and delivery of tax returns are automated with SafeSend Returns®, the award-winning core of the SafeSend Suite. When your tax workflow for the delivery of completed tax return packages is streamlined, staff gets time back in their day to work on higher level projects. Engagement letters can be included in the SafeSend Returns delivery encouraging faster turnaround time.

Elevate the Client Experience

Having one solution across the entire tax engagement provides a consistent, familiar experience for your clients. The SafeSend Suite addresses every client touchpoint. When the process your clients experience to e-sign engagement letters has the same look and feel as the digital, fillable organizers they receive, it feels familiar. When they are guided through step-by-step whether it’s a tax return or an extension, it brings a sense of comfort.

Having a tax workflow automation platform that provides branded communication from your firm that’s easily recognizable is way to extend your firm’s relationship with clients while streamlining and simplifying the process for them.

For business returns, the K-1 distribution feature gives clients the ability to electronically and securely distribute K-1s to their list of K-1 recipients. Clients can view and track the status of each K-1, empowering them in the distribution process.

“Using SafeSend Returns was fast and unbelievably easy. I reviewed and signed on my computer; my wife used her phone. It was seamless. The process for my corporate return was also very fast. I was able to download it, save it, and distribute it easily to the people that need to see it.” – Jerry Archer, President, Archer Sign Corp, client of 415 Group

Reduce the Paper Chase with Automated Follow-up

Chasing down unsigned e-file forms and unreturned documents eats up a substantial amount of admin time. Follow-up can quickly become a major pain point, especially when staffing issues arise. The automatic reminders in SafeSend Returns ease the burden of tracking down unsigned e-file forms.

Comprehensive reporting and tracking also help to streamline your firm’s tax workflow. As soon as you send a return, the thorough reporting feature puts information right at your fingertips such as which documents have not yet been opened, or whether a taxpayer has signed but the spouse has not.

“We cut down our chase time by about 30 percent because we had SafeSend Returns helping us.” – Christopher Papin, Papin CPA

The secure K-1 distribution feature puts your client at the helm of distributing K-1s, empowering them and alleviating firm staff from managing this task.

Smooth Sailing Through Implementation and Each Season of the Tax Year

There’s no reason for the implementation of a new system to take the wind out of your sails. Each season of the tax year is more streamlined and less, well, taxing with the SafeSend Suite. Your firm and admin team saves time with every process from client organizers to extensions, and everything in between. What could your team do with the time you’d get back?

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SafeSend Returns is the flagship solution in the SafeSend Suite and a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual, labor-intensive elements many tax departments experience producing client-ready tax returns. 

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