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SafeSend Suite

The SafeSend Suite makes an impact across all your tax workflow processes. Gather source documents, collect digital/fillable organizers, assemble and deliver completed tax returns, collect e-signatures, automate signature and payment reminders, distribute K-1s, request firm tax prep fees, and more.

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The SafeSend Suite: Automate Every Step of Tax Return Process

The SafeSend Suite® offers tax and accounting professionals a simple way to address tedious tasks at every client touchpoint and make an impact across all your tax workflow processes. Automate the manual work often associated with the back and forth of client communication through each season of the tax year!

The core of the suite, SafeSend Returns, is a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual, labor-intensive elements that many tax departments experience assembling and delivering completed tax returns.

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Eliminate Tax Season Frustration

With more than 65% of the Top 500 firms using the SafeSend Suite, eliminating tax season frustration by using the SafeSend Suite for tax return process automation is proven. Get started and address common pain points such as:

  • Get signed 8879s back fast
  • Use digital, fillable tax organizers to increase your completion rate
  • Assemble and deliver all return types
  • Automate signature and payment reminders
  • Distribute K-1s electronically
  • And more

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E-Signing Beyond the Tax Return

SafeSend Signatures extends your e-sign capabilities beyond tax returns to all document types. It is designed for sending one-off documents such as engagement letters, consent forms, or any other document requiring a signature.

SafeSend Signatures leverages our SignatureFlow technology, allowing you to mail merge and batch process thousands of engagement letters at the click of a button. Support bulk engagement letters and other bulk e-signature needs with the batch processing and mail merge capabilities within SafeSend Signatures.

You can streamline reporting and tracking of documents that require a signature and, since SafeSend Signatures is part of the SafeSend Suite, offer staff and clients a familiar and intuitive experience.

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Secure File Transfer without Password Frustration

SafeSend Exchange is relied upon by thousands of accounting firms. SafeSend Exchange has replaced traditional client portals that have proven to be difficult to implement, not widely adopted by clients, and cause password frustration for both firms and clients.

The Answer to Tax & Accounting Secure Document Delivery

There’s a better way to do business. SafeSend Exchange gives your clients password-free access and secure file transfer anywhere in the world on any device.

SafeSend Exchange has redefined secure document transfer in the tax and accounting profession and includes core features of traditional file share systems, such as large file transfer and secure document exchange. SafeSend Exchange allows a firm to automatically encrypt email attachments right from within Outlook.

  • Easy-to-use Microsoft® Outlook add-in
  • Convert files to encrypted PDF
  • Apply watermarks and document restriction
  • KBA authentication means secure client access without a password

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You Asked for Digital & Fillable, We Delivered

Streamline the collection process of organizer information through SafeSend Organizers. Our simple tool converts static PDF organizers from your tax compliance software to a fillable form that you can send directly to your client!

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Send Extension Packages in Minutes

SafeSend Extensions allows firms to digitally send their clients an extension package in less than three minutes. SafeSend Extensions automates the delivery of documents for review, collects signatures if required, provides payment options for vouchers by various taxing authorities, and allows staff to track where clients are in the extension package process.

Firms and clients appreciate the standard experience across the SafeSend Suite platform, making adoption of the process easy. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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Assembly, Delivery & E-Signing of Prepared Returns

SafeSend Returns automatically groups, assembles, and prepares the transmittals, e-file authorization forms, payment vouchers, tax returns, K-1s, and the invoice for electronic delivery.

SafeSend Returns is not only beneficial to your staff and firm, but you can rest easy knowing that your clients will have no problem transitioning to this innovative solution. SafeSend Returns presents information to the client in a logical, step-by-step process that is intuitive – just like the tax professional was there in-person! Plus, your clients can complete everything on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Transparent pricing tiers with volume discounts, allow you to choose the level that is right for you and make SafeSend Returns a smart investment for your firm.

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SafeSend Returns is fully compatible with CCH Axcess Tax and ProSystem fx® Tax, Thomson Reuters GoSystem® Tax RS and UltraTax CS®, and Intuit Lacerte®.

SafeSend Returns in Action

Organize the Prepared Return PDF

SafeSend Returns automatically groups, assembles, and prepares the transmittals, e-file authorization forms, payment vouchers, tax returns, K-1s and the invoice for electronic delivery and presentation.

One-Click Tax Return Delivery

With a single click of the mouse, the tax return is securely delivered to the client and presented with clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

Client Review & E-Sign

Once received, the client can quickly and easily review, e-sign, and return their e-file forms with an integrated payment feature that eliminates the need to spend time on payment collection.

Tracking & Reporting

SafeSend Returns reporting feature keeps all information for each client right at your fingertips. Allowing you to track each return every step of the way.

It’s Time to Make the Tax Return Process Faster, Easier, and More Enjoyable

With the SafeSend Suite, you provide a 5-Star client experience through one platform. No matter the document you’re sending throughout the year, clients access it the same way – increasing both client satisfaction and adoption.

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