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Getting a Grip on Tax Extensions: K-1 Distribution Automation

By September 26, 2018 May 14th, 2019 No Comments
K-1 Distribution Automation

While your firm prepares extended tax returns, you may be considering ways to improve the outdated processes that have been taking a frustrating toll on your time, budget, and client’s overall filing experience. While the signature aspect of the process was once a game of waiting, SafeSend Returns can alleviate the headaches and save you a great deal of money on material costs and time that could be spent elsewhere.

With SafeSend Returns, all parties can enjoy an easier, more convenient system than ever before. Your clients will have no problem saying goodbye to the old way, and you’ll no longer have to wait for signatures or waste money on paper, envelopes, printing, and postage.

Automate the K-1 distribution process with SafeSend Returns. Assemble and deliver tax returns in as little as 4 minutes with the award-winning software that is taking the profession by storm. The tax filing process doesn’t have to be painful, even when dealing with extensions. With an automated process, your client can review their entire tax package, add their e-signature to the required forms, pay their taxes from anywhere, and electronically distribute their K-1s.

Automating K-1 Distributions

One of the most convenient features of SafeSend Returns is the automated K-1 distribution. Your clients can quickly deliver a K-1 electronically by simply entering an email address for partners and shareholders. Unlike when firms used portals to deliver a K-1, SafeSend Returns allows for more control and real-time reporting of the delivery process. The ability to process a return in under five minutes is incredible, even for people who are accustomed to implementing electronic processes. And the time savings extends to 8878s as well, eliminating the need for excessive follow-up further down the line. Even during the busiest seasons, administrative tasks are simplified and streamlined with SafeSend Returns, meaning professionals have more time to focus on adding value to the work they do for clients. See how it works:

Getting Clients Up To Speed

As with most things, change can be tough for clients who are stuck in their old ways, even if proven inefficient. Any firm can get their clients to try SafeSend Returns by delivering the right information and by highlighting the time and money savings. Getting started early is important, even for those who are used to receiving electronic documents. Demonstrate the ease of e-filing from a mobile device, or the convenience of notifications when documents are awaiting signatures.

No matter how hectic this time of year may be, SafeSend Returns can help alleviate some of the stress and bring an added layer of trust and compatibility between you and your clients. Customers who use SafeSend Returns to process and deliver tax documents do so with a single step, allowing the software to take care of the rest.

So what does the next-gen proccess look like? Assembly and collation is automated, e-signing is implemented, voucher management enabled, the K-1  is electronically distributed which is IRS compliant, delivery is streamlined regardless of return type, the firm has live reporting and tracking of status, and reminders to the client throughout the process are logged providing both visibility to firm as well as notifications to the preparer when tasks are completed. Risks are mitigated, and both employee as well as client satisfaction – surge!

The electronic paper-trail and options for uploading and keeping records offline make SafeSend Returns a simple solution to an unnecessary, outdated, and time-consuming process. How will you improve tax extension season and alleviate the headaches and struggles that come with it?

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