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A Better Way to E-Sign

By October 23, 2019 No Comments

E-signatures are not a new or niche technology. We use them every day when we put our cards in Square and Toast terminals to pay for our coffee, and they’ve been legally allowable since the ratification of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (e-sign) Act in 2000. Despite the widespread use of e-sign technology in our daily lives and its long-standing historical precedent, we often find the service wanting when it comes to signing the most important documents.

As anybody with a first-gen Apple Watch will tell you, early versions of new technology often come with hiccups. Early adopters may deal with some imperfections and jankiness in order to live on the bleeding edge, but garden-variety users of a popular technology shouldn’t have to. If your tax processing signature process leaves clients confused, then it’s not providing extra value or convenience. The promise of technology, after all, is to make our lives easier. While too many e-sign applications fail to do that, SafeSend Returns is modernizing the e-sign process with an eye toward the features that make the process frictionless for accounting firms and their clients alike.

Never miss a signature

Let’s face it, your clients aren’t likely to read every word of their tax documents. They want to see the relevant information and put their signatures and initials where they need to be. Directionless e-sign software can leave users at a loss for where to sign, because scrolling through digital files can be less intuitive than doing the same with hard copies. Form a firm’s perspective, missing one signature is as bad as missing them all, because it means documents cannot be processed. SafeSend Returns guides users through the process, alerting them to every place their signature is required. It ensures that the signature step of returns doesn’t become an endless hassle.

Clear, consistent, and responsive

SafeSend Returns doesn’t just excel at pointing users toward where to sign, but also provides an easy-to-understand framework for how to sign. Wherever a signature is required, a window will open up and prompt the user. They can either enter their signature via text or draw it using a stylus or their finger. Even better, SafeSend Returns e-sign technology is compatible with all devices.

Security you can rely on

Safety will always be a concern for users exchanging sensitive information online, and very little information is as sensitive as tax documents. SafeSend Returns will give your customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their signatures, along with all of their tax documents, are thoroughly encrypted and protected from prying eyes. Schedule a demo today!


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