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At this point, saying the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and work is a bit like telling somebody water is wet or a jet engine is loud. Every single business has been affected in some way by COVID-19, and tax firms are no exception. The IRS has gone so far as to push back the tax deadline to July 15 (and possibly even further), a move many people thought they would never experience during their lifetimes. In addition to this monumental change to the calendar, tax firms are dealing with the same pressures as other businesses. Seamlessly transitioning to a remote work environment is not a goal anymore; it’s a necessity. Luckily, there are technology solutions that make the transition possible, and SafeSend Returns is one of them.

Widely adopted platforms like Zoom, which has gone from business tool to cultural phenomenon in weeks, may garner to lion’s share of the attention, but businesses with particular needs also need bespoke tools to allow their teams to thrive in a world where they can’t go to their office now and may not return to the office ever, at least not as often as they once did. These solutions can be the difference between treading water and swimming forward like with a tax return tool that allows you to assemble and deliver tax returns easily from anywhere you have an internet connection. In our world, tax preparers still need to assemble and prepare returns, and their clients still need to review and sign off on them. SafeSend Returns can help you do just that.

True cloud functionality

The cloud has always come with the promise of being able to “work from anywhere at any time.” Today, that is a promise that is more desirable than ever. People are not just working from home in a few spare hours on the weekend or during a vacation, but instead turning their homes into their workspaces. As a result, they need a tax return tool that allow them to transition from device to device and space to space without interruption. SafeSend is a truly multi-platform solution, working on desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms. It also does not require even a single user to be tethered to a particular machine. With SafeSend Returns, you can send returns to your clients and team members no matter where they are located.

Ease of use

Even better, Safesend Returns makes a cloud-based interaction easy for all parties involved. You will not need to send your clients an instruction manual in order for them to read over their return, verify the essential information, and e-sign remotely. Prompts point users to the most relevant information in the return, so they do not have to rifle through pages of instructions and jargon to find the numbers that matter. The same high-quality user experience is extended to tax preparers, which means your team members will love SafeSend Returns just as much as your clients do.


The final pillar of the SafeSend Returns experience is end-to-end security. You can rest assured that all the sensitive information contained within returns, the type of data you’d loath to send as an email attachment, is totally protected from prying eyes. In a world where your clients are not likely to sign documents in person, there is no better way to guarantee that documents are sent only to those people who are supposed to see them.

Nobody expected to transition to a work-from-home reality overnight. But now that we are here, the onus is on business owners to find a way forward for their teams and their clients. It will not always be easy, but we are all in it together. In a world where remote technology solutions are at a higher premium than ever, SafeSend Returns offers quality, security, and support you can count on—even in uncertain times.

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