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Here at SafeSend, we are humbled by the feedback we’ve been receiving from customers about how SafeSend Returns is helping them continue to serve clients and keep their practices operational amidst stressful and hectic times. The current environment is as hectic and surreal as most of us have ever seen. And that goes for both our personal and professional lives. Given these unprecedented circumstances, firms are gravitating to solutions and ways of doing business that meet the needs of all stakeholders – the firm, staff, and clients. SafeSend Returns is proving to be an essential tool that can check all these boxes. Here’s Scott Fleszar, our Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, to expand further.

Traditional methods of evaluating technology solutions include ROI measurements, feature comparisons, and seeking peer input. That approach is largely being abandoned given the current environment and the need for some firms to very quickly shift to a work-from-home model and a remote client service approach. This is moving firm’s way out of their comfort zone. Ideal solutions in times like these benefit the firm and its leadership, but also its team members and clients.

I have mentioned before that I firmly believe SafeSend Returns is capable of delivering on this elusive win-win-win promise. I certainly wasn’t intending to foreshadow things to come, but our current battle with the novel coronavirus pandemic has reinforced how cloud-based solutions that offer flexibility and access to staff and connectivity to clients are critical.

In light of nationwide advisories to stay at home, most states have closed non-essential businesses; in response to the added financial stress business clients are under, and the extension of the tax deadline, firms are in a rush to streamline. Tax practices must be efficient and agile in ways they have never considered. Many are having to make hard decisions about lay-offs and furloughs. And then add on top being inundated with questions from clients about the stimulus package, SBA loans, and the Paycheck Protection Program. In this scenario, the tools that allow you to work smarter are more than conveniences; they are vital lifelines.

A Win for Firms

Simply put, SafeSend Returns saves firms money—to the tune of $40 per return. A streamlined and efficient digital workflow eliminates the need for postage, stamps, and paper returns, shortening turnaround time and lowering your environmental impact. And during times like these, the cloud-based functionality of SafeSend Returns means you can work from anywhere. SafeSend Returns also yields intangible benefits that are meaningful including a client experience that is faster, more efficient, and eliminates common sources of client confusion and frustration. This all adds up elevating the firm’s brand and image with clients thanks to a modernized approach using the latest technology.

A Win for Team Members

Assembly and delivery of completed tax returns is tedious and time consuming. SafeSend Returns will make life easier for your staff in addition to being budget friendly. With SafeSend Returns, staff can utilize one solution to assemble and deliver completed tax returns, collect e-signatures, electronically distribute K1s, and stay in front of voucher and ES payment client guidance and reminders. All while avoiding headaches that arise form cobbling together multiple systems to try to achieve all of this. As a result, staff can go about their work in a more systematized and satisfying way, and they can do it from their home or anywhere without missing a beat.

A Win for Clients

Last but perhaps most important, SafeSend Returns is a tool that makes the experience of finishing the tax engagement with your firm easy, enjoyable, and smooth for your clients. With one email, the client launches a secure online session that offers a seamless, intuitive, and guided process stepping him/her through review of the return, e-sign with Knowledge Base Authentication support, paying taxing agencies, and downloading a copy of the completed tax return all in one experience. SafeSend Returns eliminates the guesswork for clients.  With so much else going on, your clients can at least be rest assured that verifying and e-signing their return will be easier than ever.

A Win for All

SafeSend Returns leverages cloud based digital technology to increase workflow efficiency and staff utilization, elevate client service, and mitigate security and compliance risks, all while driving down total costs firms incur for tax preparation engagements. Learn more about how SafeSend Returns can help your firm achieve a win-win-win scenario.

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