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SafeSend Reviews & Customer Love Reflect Our Company’s Passion

Thanks to Valentine’s Day, February is the month that’s known for celebrating love. In the English language, love can cover a gamut of emotions: we love our family or friends, but we can also love pizza or ice cream, sports or a walk in the park. We use the same word to describe how we feel about a new pair of shoes or a newborn baby. Sometimes we convey love without saying a word. Ultimately, love means we’re passionate about something, from food to a spouse.

At SafeSend, we love providing innovative tax automation solutions that help our customers save time, automate their workflow, and fortify their client relationships – and we’ve heard that our passion is making an impact on customers. Here are a few ways we share our passion for automation and a few SafeSend reviews  that show how our customers feel in return.

Love is Easing Another’s Burden

SafeSend got its start by creating solutions to help solve pain points that tax and accounting professionals experience throughout the tax engagement life cycle. Our passion for working with customers to solve real-world problems is what continues to drive our product roadmap today.

In a recent webinar, Cheryl Papay from Sax LLP commented, “I just want to thank you so much because the SafeSend Suite has really solved so many pain points of our firm over the last couple of years. You just keep building on it and improving. You’re amazing!”

Responding to her comments, Steve Dusablon, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer explained, “This is our passion, this is our life, this is our legacy, this is what makes us get out of bed every single day, is to perfect what we do. So, when we hear feedback from our customers that we are helping them, it really brings a lot of joy, Cheryl, thank you.”

Listening is One of the Best Ways to Show You Care

One of the best opportunities for improvement in a relationship comes from listening. When you listen to your customers, you learn about their needs. You find out which solutions are working well and where improvement could be beneficial. Feedback is essential part of growth because truly, business is about relationships.

“The other advantage to using SafeSend is that the company is incredibly responsive to suggestions from their customers. They continue to improve their products with neat innovations,” commented Susan Flynn, EA, Director of Operations at Gallagher, Flintoff & Klein CPA. Our roots are passion, commitment, and hard work, coupled with listening to our customer-base. These core values are vital to our success. We want to know about the challenges our customers are facing. Their SafeSend reviews provide feedback on how our solutions can be improved, and where we are meeting their needs best.

Whether you are a tech company or a growing accounting firm, keeping sight of your core values and listening to your clients, will result in growth. Cultivate a culture of service, problem solving, and maintain a compassion for the needs of your customers and they will continue to put their trust in you.

There’s No Better Compliment Than a Positive SafeSend Review or Referral

Customer feedback is invaluable and SafeSend has always been a company who listens. When we learn how we are helping our customers streamline their workflow, we know we are helping them internally as well as helping them create a smooth process for their clients. We love talking with our customers and appreciate when they refer other tax and accounting professionals to us, and we hope the love and passion we have for what we do comes across in our free demos.  

Eric Morgan, CPA, Senior Manager at BiggsKofford, P.C., summed up their experience, “With 30-35 professionals in our two Colorado offices, different methods of delivering tax returns were being employed simultaneously. SafeSend Returns has reduced the amount of time that it takes to deliver a tax return, eases the burden of having to track down e-file forms that aren’t getting returned by clients, provides the ability to send out estimated tax payment notifications, add other documents to be signed such as engagement letters, and send a tax return to a designee. We have received positive feedback from many clients and most tax return delivery experiences are seamless.” Morgan continued, “We have no reservations recommending SafeSend Returns to other professionals; in fact, we already have!”

Helping Customers Serve Their Clients

When clients have a good experience, their positive feedback means that our solutions are helping our customers serve their clients well. Jerry Archer, President of Archer Sign Corp, recently recounted his experience, “This was the first year we received our taxes – both our personal and our business returns – through SafeSend Returns. Using SafeSend Returns was such a great experience. I was so happy with how it went that I wrote a letter to my accountant saying that I liked the new SafeSend package and hoped it’s a permanent thing. It’s much better than what I’ve experienced the last 10 years.”

Plante Moran piloted SafeSend as an alternative to their existing internal process for handling the preparation and delivery of Plante Moran partner and retired partner tax returns. Gordon Krater, retired Firm Managing Partner at Plante Moran had positive SafeSend reviews, “I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is using multiple tools to assemble, deliver and gather e-signatures that they consider SafeSend. SafeSend Returns provides benefits for both the firm and the client in one solution.”

Innovative Solutions Backed Up by Great Service and Support

Listening says love, but nothing says love-in-action like serving. When someone rolls up their sleeves to help you, be it a neighbor, friend, or a member of the SafeSend Support team, you feel the love.

“We have found that every individual that we’ve encountered at SafeSend has exceeded our expectations.” – Stuart Lerman, Lerman Business Services

“The SafeSend support team was phenomenal; that’s one experience we loved.” – Christopher Papin, Papin CPA

“The Support team is always available, and they provide a timely resolution every time.” – Leizel Acres, Friedman & Huey Associates LLP

I have to give kudos to the SafeSend Support team, they always get back to you with answers.” – Janet DiBiase, Wiss and Company, LLP

“Their customer support is top notch, and they keep making enhancements. I don’t have any cons when it comes to SafeSend.” – Claudia Coghill, Stockman Kast Ryan & Company

We love positive SafeSend reviews from our customers, but we love providing so many reasons to be happy with our solutions and services even more. Driven by commitment to our customers and continuous innovation and improvement, SafeSend’s automation solutions provide practitioners with the tools to make their work efficient and enjoyable.

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SafeSend Returns is the flagship solution in the SafeSend Suite and a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual, labor-intensive elements many tax departments experience producing client-ready tax returns. 

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