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SOS: Save Our Staff! Relieve Accounting Stress With Tax Automation

Tax season can feel overwhelming. However, “Abandon ship!” is not what you want to hear from your staff during the busiest time of the year. What’s the answer to an admin staff drowning in paperwork, tech-stack overload, or countless steps and procedures? Addressing tax and accounting stress with automated solutions alleviates stress and eliminates repetitive manual processes.

Automation Lifeline

Removing the burden of tedious work provides a lifeline to overtaxed admins. When efficient procedures reduce your staff’s physical, repetitive responsibilities, they have time to help with more meaningful projects.

The SafeSend Suite® is designed to be efficient across the entire tax engagement. A powerful tax automation workflow platform, the tools in the SafeSend Suite streamline how firms move through the tax engagement life cycle alleviating much of the accounting stress felt by staff and allowing firms to provide a high-end experience for clients. Busywork eliminated; staff can focus on helping clients.

Rescue Staff and Reduce Waste

One of the biggest advantages of tax workflow automation is its speed and convenience. Implementing paperless processes saves time and energy. It also helps reduce paper waste.

Begin the tax season delivering engagement letters to clients with SafeSend Signatures™. This automated solution provides the ability to send unlimited documents for e-signature across the entire tax engagement. When batch processing and mail merge capabilities are available at your fingertips to create unique, digital engagement letters that are easily distributed, tracked, and collected, why stuff another envelope?

Keep Admins Afloat

Tax returns are the heart of tax season. Empower staff with SafeSend Returns®  , the multi-year award-winning tax return assembly and delivery process at the core of the SafeSend Suite. This solution dramatically reduces the time your administrative team spends sending tax returns. Imagine the relief your staff would experience by sending six times as many returns in half an hour!


Automating the tax filing process also helps firms avoid mistakes that can come from manual errors. Paperless tax workflow automation provides better security than manual tax filing. The documents are stored in a secure, cloud-based system. This sensitive data is protected with measures like strong authentication and encryption to prevent unauthorized access. Clients can access their return for up to seven years, eliminating many of the calls requesting a copy of their return.

Automated tracking and reporting features reduce the follow-up and reminder calls staff have traditionally spent time making, and the invoicing option in SafeSend Returns provides the ability to collect fees as part of the tax return process. Automatic reminders for estimated payments eliminate even more client calls.

Full Steam Ahead

The all-in-one automation solution provided in the SafeSend Suite is quick to implement and dramatically reduces the time spent on each step of your firm’s workflow. When your team can accomplish more work and reduce accounting stress, the efficiency directly improves the bottom line.

Clients benefit from the SafeSend Suite experience as well. They experience a professional, branded presentation with intuitive, guided instructions that are easily navigated no matter their level of familiarity with technology. SafeSend Returns simplifies the delivery of complex returns and provides ease of K-1 distribution for business clients.

Reduce accounting stress for your staff, increase productivity, and provide a healthier work-life balance when you implement the tax workflow automation platform that does it all. Instead of sending an SOS, your staff will be sending tax returns in record time, collecting signatures on documents in hours, not days, and your firm will move forward full steam ahead with the SafeSend Suite.


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SafeSend Returns® is the flagship solution in the SafeSend Suite and a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual, labor-intensive elements many tax departments experience producing client-ready tax returns. 

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