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Pitch Paper and Make Tax Workflow Automation Wishes a Reality

Paper processes are tedious and inefficient. As a result, tax workflow automation has become an increasingly popular solution for tax and accounting firms. Many of the manual steps traditionally associated with preparing and filing taxes can be simplified through automation. Workflow in a firm – throughout multiple offices – can be easily streamlined to save both time and money. Advantages for both firm and client, from reduced staffing hours to faster turnaround times, cannot be overlooked.

Don’t Just Wish for a Tax Workflow Automation Solution

Wishing for an easier way doesn’t make tax workflow dreams come true. Eliminating manual tasks increases your firm’s efficiency and automation solutions are the answer. Addressing every client touchpoint across the tax engagement elevates the client experience. Tax workflow automation solutions like the SafeSend Suite™ are used to simplify and streamline processes across multiple platforms in order to save time and money.

From e-signing engagement letters and 8879s to client organizers and the assembly & delivery of tax returns, paper processes are automated and streamlined when your firm implements the SafeSend Suite workflow automation platform.

Pitch Paper and Implement Automation Technology

When you pitch paper methods out the door and leverage automation opportunities for your firm it  helps reach new clientele. Your firm remains competitive in the digital age. Clients see that your firm is positioned as forward-thinking and provides the latest in paperless tax workflow automation making their tax reviewing and signing experience more efficient and enjoyable.

How many years have you wished you could track in real time where your clients are in their tax return experience? The SafeSend Suite tax workflow automation platform’s real-time tracking and reporting allows staff to see exactly what stage of the tax return process each client is in rather than simply calling to remind them you’re waiting for them to drop off or mail back their organizer or tax return.

Ditching paper processes and utilizing automated tax workflow technology reduces paper and the paperwork trail. When you opt for a paperless workflow automation solution, your firm will not only be saving time and money, you’ll also be helping conserve resources and the environment. Taxes are managed electronically, reducing the amount of paper used in the tax process.

Wishing Your Firm had More Time for a Paperless Workflow Platform?

Wish you could pitch paper processes but think your firm doesn’t have time to implement a new software solution? Think again! With the cloud-based automation solution offered in the SafeSend Suite, your firm can be fully functional in a matter of hours. Imagine investing four hours to realize hundreds, even thousands, of hours of time savings each tax season!

What used to take hours of manual labor printing, collating, labeling, mailing, tracking, and calling or emailing clients to follow up takes just minutes with the powerful tax workflow automation solution in the SafeSend Suite.


Audit Trail: Another Reason to Pitch Paper

When it comes to tax compliance and accuracy, paper workflows can’t compare to an automation audit trail. IRS compliance is easily met when digital workflows document the filing process with timestamps on e-signed documents.

SafeSend helps firms ensure compliance with IRS data security by providing a detailed audit trail of items sent through the SafeSend Suite. From engagement letters and 8879s to 1040s and business returns, now you can track client activities. See when clients open the email you sent them, pass KBA, and deliver their own K-1s. You can also see who in your office sent the return, who has accessed the return, and when K-1 recipients consent and download their K-1s.

Cut the paper chase when you implement a tax workflow automation platform in your firm and pitch paper processes. Enhance your audit trails and ensure IRS compliance with digital timestamps at every stage of the filing process with the SafeSend Suite.

Grant Your Client’s Paperless Wishes

Automation doesn’t just make the back-end tasks easier – it also helps create a better client experience. Delivering paper organizers, tax return packages, and extensions in a digital age sends the wrong message to your clients. It puts the burden on them to fill out information and scan forms to send back digitally or make copies and mail back to the firm.

They experience the convenience and security of automation in so many other areas of their lives and businesses, shouldn’t they experience the same convenience from your firm?

Automated processes provide value to your clients. Elevate your firm’s brand image and stand out in a competitive market. You can be proactive in meeting your clients’ needs and solidify your relationships – all while making it easier for them to upload documents, view their return status, sign from any device, forward to their spouse, distribute K-1s, securely send copies of their returns to a bank, and much more. Give your clients a red-carpet experience with secure, intuitive, and guided online experience with the SafeSend Suite.


With the ever-accelerating demand for faster, more efficient tax processes, automation has become not only desirable but expected. Investing in automation now will ensure that your organization is able to keep up without having to sacrifice time and effort.

Pitch paper, ditch manual processes and embrace automation! A win-win situation, tax workflow automation makes tedious tasks faster and easier, and gives firms the ability to provide a more personalized, convenient experience to their clients.

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