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Many tax and accounting firms are investing in software and other tools to optimize their processes. When staffing up for busy season, firms can benefit greatly from having interns who understand the latest technologies and can make the most of them. They acclimate quickly to new tools and workflows, helping firms get the most from their investments.

Tax & Accounting Internship Refresh

The practice of hiring interns for busy season stems from the need for more hands on deck to collate and assemble client organizers and tax returns, apply “sign here” stickers, stuff envelopes and affix mailing labels. As technology – particularly automation – continues to revolutionize the world, tax and accounting internships are evolving.

The landscape of tax prep has come a long way – and continues to change. Bringing tax and accounting interns on board who know tech can help your firm stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends and technologies. Your interns will help your firm navigate automation solutions while gaining the hands-on experience necessary to navigate the complex technology of the modern tax and accounting profession. 

Tax workflow automation solutions like the SafeSend Suite™ are used to simplify and streamline processes across multiple platforms in order to save time and money. Addressing every client touchpoint across the tax engagement elevates the client experience. Eliminating manual tasks increases firms’ efficiency. Tech-savvy tax and accounting interns are more likely to have the necessary knowledge and aptitude to understand and implement automated processes. They are also adept at using the latest tools and technology to enhance productivity.

Firms Remain Competitive with Tech-Savvy Tax & Accounting Interns

Tax and accounting interns with an aptitude for technology often bring creative ideas to the table. They already understand the digital landscape which enables them to provide valuable insights into how to best leverage automation opportunities. This can help a firm to reach new clientele, increase its presence in the digital age, and remain competitive. Firms are able to make the most of the automated processes available to them, thus benefiting from their interns’ innovative ideas.

When your firm utilizes the SafeSend Suite workflow automation platform, every client touch point across the tax engagement is addressed. From e-signing engagement letters and 8879s to client organizers and the assembly & delivery of tax returns, interns who are accustomed to automated processes pick up quickly on procedures and can readily assist. A tech-savvy intern’s unique skill set can be an asset in your firm – monitoring the tracking and reporting of documents or resending links at a client’s request will be a breeze for them and free up your admin staff for tasks or projects that require more depth of experience.

Mutually Beneficial Experience

Hiring an intern will bring fresh skills to the table at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Plus, the experience your intern gains will ensure they’re highly employable when the internship is over. On top of these economic benefits, tech-savvy tax and accounting interns can also help you foster a culture of innovation and experimentation. By allowing interns to experience your firm’s software, workflows, and processes, you’ll give them first-hand experience to put their skills to use in a professional environment and their fresh perspective can benefit your entire firm.

Interns bring energy and enthusiasm that may be missing from a team of experienced professionals. Young people often have a strong work ethic and a passion for learning, and interns can help to foster an innovative and productive work environment. Moreover, internships can be an effective recruiting tool for your business, as successful interns have often been known to become loyal employees down the line. Internships are the perfect opportunity for your firm to identify top talent for future hiring.

Tax & Accounting Interns Help Staff Accomplish More

Your staff will accomplish more this busy season with the addition of interns who understand technology and the world of automation. Combining the power of automation solutions in the SafeSend Suite with the digital skills of knowledgeable interns can be invaluable. When you make the decision to hire interns, seek out those with the technical experience and qualifications needed to bring real value to your firm.

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