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Top 4 Benefits Offered by SafeSend’s Work from Home Jobs in India

With humble beginnings in the U.S., SafeSend has grown to encompass offices and remote employees around the globe including our award-winning engineering and product development teams in Bangalore (or Bengaluru in the native Kannada language). Often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, it is home to hundreds of tech companies as well as numerous institutions of education and research. These characteristics, along with pleasant weather and thousands of IT specialists and software engineers, have put Bangalore on the map as one of the leading locations for innovative businesses. SafeSend’s commitment to providing stellar technology and innovation for tax and accounting professionals through automating the entire tax engagement life cycle means engaging the best and brightest in the industry.

Commitment and passion, both for the work we do and the customers we provide solutions for, drive our success. But at the heart of these teams are individuals who brings their unique skills and talents to work every day. Building trust through collaboration, innovation, and a healthy dose of fun is paramount to the work culture. So do one thing, read on to learn more about SafeSend’s work-from-home jobs in India and the top 4 benefits that make it a first-class workplace!

1. Flat Hierarchy and an Open, Supportive Work Culture

The flat hierarchy structure at SafeSend encourages open conversation between managers and employees. Education and skills are important, however there’s more to our software engineering team in India than their outstanding product development.

“We look for a learning and ownership attitude. We also provide opportunities for upskilling,” explained SafeSend’s Director of Development, Prafull Trivedi.

Currently, all SafeSend’s positions are work-from-home jobs in India. Employees have been working remotely due to COVID-19, but as work conditions improve, employees will have the opportunity to return to the office either partially or fully. Even prior to a global pandemic, SafeSend embraced remote and hybrid roles within the company. In the meantime, communication via email and video calls keeps the work culture personal and nurtures morale.

One small silver lining, the workforce in India doesn’t have to deal with commute time. Trivedi noted that the India team transitioned from an in-office environment to a completely remote setup, “It has increased productivity as people are saving more time due to not travelling or dealing with traffic.”

Work-from-home jobs in India haven’t changed the company’s focus on relationship building as well as health and wellbeing overall. “Apart from work we discuss interests, health, and wellbeing across the engineering and product team,” Trivedi pointed out. “Managers have been encouraging their direct reports to be more active, suggesting ideas for specific activities like yoga, meditation, walking, or culture-specific home remedies.”

2. Flexible Hours and an Encouraging Environment

Working hours are flexible and project based. The SafeSend team is built from self-starters and people who foster teamwork in a trusting and safe environment. The flexibility and encouragement from colleagues and management creates an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration – even when working remotely. Plus, the team is full of inquisitive minds who enjoy problem solving, which keeps individuals challenged and growing.

“SafeSend provides the opportunity to work on the latest technologies and unique business-specific customer issues,” said Trivedi. We encourage employees to strive for continual self-improvement. There are wonderful opportunities for professional growth and development. Whether you are working in India, the U.S., or another remote location, everyone collaborates together and celebrates each other’s achievements. At SafeSend, support is felt at every level of the company with open lines of communication from interns to our executives.

“Excellent learning opportunities, very supportive team, amazing growth, values each individual and great work environment. Learned a lot.”

3. Friendly Worldwide Team

Working remotely doesn’t mean working in a vacuum. Relationships have always been at the heart of who we are and drive the success of what we do, and work-from-home jobs in India are no exception. The remote onboarding system is anything but impersonal! New employees are introduced to members of different departments to promote an understanding of the company’s mission and how each employee contributes to the big picture. When you get to meet the players, you feel like part of the team from day one!

Rahul Chandran, Chief Technology Officer, displays just one of the ways SafeSend celebrates together across the organization as we achieve milestones.

Listening to our customers’ feedback and requests is paramount in growing and improving our business. Our spirit of listening and helping is also an asset in every department, but even more so to the engineering and product teams as they build software that is so important to our customers. The cohesiveness of the SafeSend team is felt throughout the company. There is a commitment to each other and to the tax and accounting professionals we serve.

Each person at SafeSend is appreciated and recognized. When someone goes above and beyond, it’s noticed. From great ideas or favorite music to birthdays and vacations, we share in each other’s accomplishments and experiences. SafeSend employees trust each other and work hard which makes for great teamwork whether working in person or working remotely.

In the future, when we transition back to an office and hybrid environment, the camaraderie that now occurs through our intranet will pick right back up in-person where it left off. “Pre-Covid, there was a lot of fun and frolic at the office. We had coffee talks, debates, lunch and dinner outings, and birthday celebrations. There was also friendly banter during table tennis and Jenga matches,” Trivedi explained. “We plan to continue the same work culture post-Covid.”

“SafeSend has encouraged me to continue doing what I enjoy while still making a positive difference in the lives of tax practitioners/real people. Through exposing me to creative individuals, it has provided me with opportunities to be motivated, learn, and develop.”

4. Family – Ours and Yours

Work-from-home jobs in India are no different than in-person jobs because no matter your location, you’re treated as part of the family at SafeSend. Being part of the SafeSend family means you (and your family) are cared for with access to great benefits, such as:

  • Competitive salaries and raises
  • Insurance for employee and family
  • Gratuity (bonus) after 5 years
  • PF plan
  • Paid holidays, vacation days, and sick days
  • Employee profit sharing plan
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave

SafeSend automates manual tasks for tax and accounting professionals and our flagship solution, SafeSend Returns®, is a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. As part of the SafeSend family working remotely from India, you’ll help further develop our innovative technologies which help tax and accounting firms streamline their processes. Together, we create solutions that help firms serve their clients more effectively.

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