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SafeSend Organizers™ automates the tax organizer experience for firms and their clients by creating a fillable document clients can complete and return digitally. Just like sliced bread changed the way sandwiches were made, SafeSend Organizers has changed the way information and source documents are gathered. Saving time – and lots of trees – with the paperless process, SafeSend Organizers delivered on its promises of time savings, error reduction, and ease of use for both firms and their clients. The resulting stories of increased completion rates and positive client experiences have spurred further enhancements to continue helping firms and their clients to grow.  

SafeSend Organizers Client Experience Provides Great Improvement Over Paper

The sudden shift caused by the pandemic sent firms searching for a digital solution. They approached SafeSend because they were in trouble and needed a new technology to efficiently disseminate and retrieve client organizers, a solution that was also user-friendly for their clients.

Helping tax and accounting firms is always the top priority for SafeSend, so when customers presented their dilemma in the summer of 2020, SafeSend immediately sprang into action. Modernizing and digitizing the information-gathering process from paper tax organizers was an immense development process due to the document size and the amount of fillable information. But SafeSend worked quickly and had a solution for firms in time for organizer season.

The resulting electronic, fillable, PDF client organizer – SafeSend Organizers – has greatly increased the completion rate firms experience when sending out tax organizers. Additionally, clients have embraced the simplicity of the straightforward and intuitive process. They appreciate the elevated level of service SafeSend Organizers provides by reducing the burdensome and clunky paper and paper-alternative versions used in the past. The secure source document upload feature in SafeSend Organizers has replaced the “shoebox method” of providing source documents – a source of celebration for both firm and client.

SafeSend Organizers Boost Firms’ Tax Organizer Completion Rates up to 40%

Prior to adopting SafeSend Organizers, firms relied on paper organizers or emailing a PDF version of their tax organizer to clients. The latter put the burden on clients to print the PDF, fill it out, and return it by either mailing it, dropping it off in person, or scanning the entire document back into an electronic form to upload or email back to the firm.

Providing a tax organizer client experience that is interactive and intuitive allows clients to fill it out digitally. SafeSend Organizers offers the ability to attach and upload source documents in a secure environment and makes the entire process so much easier. Clients can even ask questions right on the tax organizer in SafeSend Organizers, giving firm staff the ability to send those inquiries directly to the tax professional to answer.

The all-in-one SafeSend Suite® includes SafeSend Organizers which reduces time and headaches for both firms and their clients. The number of completed tax organizers has dramatically increased, with firms reporting up to a 40% rise in return rate, a testament to the enhanced tax organizer client experience.

Increased Efficiencies Benefit Firms

With the ability to send an array of signature documents along with the client organizer, firms are now providing signature documents to clients earlier in the year. This has increased the timeliness of signed documents being returned by clients. Automating the reminder process by taking advantage of the automatic reminders feature in SafeSend Organizers has empowered firm staff to reduce touch points, increase efficiency, and further reinforce the likelihood that signed documents will be returned in a timely manner.

Firms receive notification when the client has completed their tax organizer and if the client has uploaded any documents. Firms have the flexibility within SafeSend Organizers to decide on the frequency they receive client source document notifications. These choices enable each firm to personalize the experience and therefore accommodate differences in staffing and procedures.

The option is also available for firms to get signatures for different consent forms that are produced out of the tax software. The forms are included with the client organizer and the signature controls create further efficiencies by allowing firms to use these pre-templated forms. Added security for signature documents is provided with a formal audit report.

Clients and firms alike are benefiting from the tax organizer client experience SafeSend Organizers provides, as well as the guided experience provided by the SafeSend Suite across the entire tax engagement.

Enhanced Firm Workflow Streamlining with APIs

This tax season, the SafeSend Organizers added benefit of application programming interface (API) enhancements automatically routed the filled organizer, signed engagement letters, and source document uploads to a client’s endpoint. Firms began their returns earlier because they receive real-time organizer documents from taxpayers which reduced the work for tax admins who pull source documents every day.

With APIs, the simplicity and efficiency of the SafeSend Organizers dashboard alerting staff as documents are returned, and the thousands of dollars saved by eliminating postage spent sending paper organizers, the days of client tax organizers being used as a paperweight are a thing of the past. The SafeSend Organizers client experience is the present and the future of tax engagement.

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