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SafeSend Announces Relaunch of TicTie Calculate: Smarter, Faster and More Fluid

SafeSend has released a new version of TicTie Calculate, the No. 1 electronic workpaper preparation tool for tax and accounting professionals. This intuitive tool, designed with the tax professional in mind, is smarter, faster, and more fluid with updates inspired by customer feedback and a desire to modernize this indispensable tool while maintaining ease of use and practical utility.

Looking Back

TicTie Calculate was first released in 2008, addressing the shift toward paperless work in the tax and accounting profession. Revolutionizing the way scanned source documents were notated and edited, TicTie Calculate, an Adobe Acrobat® plug-in, provided tax and accounting professionals the means to digitally mark-up PDF source documents in the same way they did in the paper-centric firm.

Track Record

For nearly 14 years, TicTie Calculate has helped more than 30,000 professionals prepare source documents and streamline tax prep work. Steve Dusablon, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, commented, “Our customers have relied upon TicTie Calculate for years and regularly comment how it makes their job easier. We listened to our customers and developed an improved tool with this release. Some of the new features will standardize and streamline the user experience, and we’ve given the interface a needed facelift making TicTie Calculate even easier to use from any location.”

Fresh & Modern Interface for the New TicTie Calculate

A new self-service web portal gives firms the ability to completely manage their TicTie Calculate licenses and user administration within the firm. Users can log in from any device at work, at home, or other remote location, and their firm settings — as well as any custom settings — are automatically available.

Custom bookmarking has been revolutionized with the TicTie Calculate relaunch. Firms can standardize bookmarks by creating their own templates and sharing with others in the firm.

“We’ve updated the user interface, designed it to function more efficiently for today’s operating systems, and added customizable tickmarks in over 70 colors,” said Rahul Chandran, Chief Technology Officer. “We are excited for our customers to take advantage of the new version of TicTie Calculate.”

Visit the website to learn more about this easy-to-use, indispensable solution trusted by more than 30,000 professionals.

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TicTie Calculate is the simplest way for accountants to prepare paperless workpapers and source documents from scanned PDF files. Designed specifically for the accounting profession, TicTie Calculate is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in that allows you to quickly add calculator tapes, tick marks, cross references, and page signoffs to PDF workpapers. Now you can prepare your digital workpapers just as you would in the paper world!

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