A Proven Track Record!

In 2018, More Than 6 Million Electronic Workpapers Were Prepared and Reviewed Using TicTie Calculate™ (TTC). TTC is Currently Licensed to Over 30,000 Accountants in More Than 3,500 Public and Private Accounting Groups.

TicTie Calculate™ makes Acrobat accounting friendly and allows you to easily prepare paperless workpapers from scanned PDF files.. 

The #1 Workpaper Preparation Tool on the Market!

Many Problems. A Simple Answer.

A large number of accounting firms have shifted to a SCAN-UPFRONT process. This means they immediately scan source documents when they are received from their clients. The source documents now reside in PDF format and must be modified with an editor like Adobe Acrobat.

Problem is, Acrobat was not designed for accountants. So, how does an accountant effectively prepare and review their PDF workpapers in Acrobat the same way they used to in the paper world? How do they quickly add calculator tapes, tickmarks, cross references and page sign-offs to PDF workpapers?

When firms outsource work to the TAX SCAN vendors, they receive a PDF file back that is not 100% completed. Since OCR usually only recognizes about 75% of the documents, the accountant needs to quickly bookmark and repaginate the remaining 25% of the documents categorized as “Unrecognized”. They also need to add tape totals, tickmarks, cross references and page sign-offs.

Simply put… they need an effective way to “finish” their work and TicTie Calculate™ is the answer.

Technological Innovation

How TicTie Calculate Stands Apart From Any Competitor:

Basic Workpaper Preparation Tools:

TicTie Calculate allows the accountant to document their digital .PDF files the same way they did in the paper world with:

  • Digital calculator tapes
  • Customizable Tickmarks in three colors
  • Single click page rotation

Advanced Workpaper Preparation Tools:

Only TicTie Calculate has advanced accounting features like:

  • Automated bookmarking and repagination from customizable templates
  • Hyper linked cross references
  • Preparer / Reviewer page sign-offs

Integrations To All Automated OCR Scan & Organize Systems:
TicTie Calculate integrates with all third party TAX SCAN vendor’s bookmarking structures.  It allows the user to quickly bookmark “Unrecognized” documents and then move them to their proper location within the TAX SCAN vendors bookmarking structure.

  • CCH ProSystems fx Scan
  • Drake Gruntworx
  • Lacerte ProLine Tax Import
  • Thomson Reuters Source Document Processing
TicTie Calculate

Tax & Accounting Specific for Adobe Acrobat

TicTie Calculate Enables you to Prepare Paperless Workpapers from Scanned PDF Files.





Bookmark Templates Galore

TTC comes installed with bookmarking templates that match the bookmarking schema of the following OCR tax scan solutions (i.e. Scan-and-Organize or Scan-and-Populate). These bookmarking templates allow the user to easily bookmark, reclassify and repaginate source documents that are not identified by the respective OCR scan software.

Popular Bookmark Templates

  • 1040 Tax Return
  • Entity Tax Return
  • Bookkeeping
  • Engagement
  • Financial Statements
  • Any many more
TicTie Calculate

TicTie Calculate Makes Acrobat Accounting Friendly


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