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Top 6 Questions Firms Ask About SafeSend’s Workflow Automation Platform

The tax preparation workflow has undergone a significant transformation from an entirely paper process to a digital one in a fairly short period of time. Many firms scrambled to find a solution during the pandemic shutdown and provide a way to service their clients remotely. With the first normal April tax deadline in years still visible in the rearview mirror, taking stock of which systems are working and where bottlenecks are occurring is occurring in firms nationwide.

Here’s a look at the most-asked questions by firms about SafeSend’s workflow automation platform as they evaluate their processes.

1. What makes the SafeSend Suite different?

When you scramble for a solution, you break a lot of eggs. Piecing together the necessary tools for an optimal remote workflow wasn’t a one-stop-shop. Many firms were backed into a Covid corner and either made do with what they had or made snap decisions to address issues as they came up.

The SafeSend Suite is a workflow automation platform that addresses every client touchpoint across the tax engagement. From client organizers to extensions, the SafeSend Suite automates the tedious tasks and manual work often associated with the back-and-forth of client communication throughout the entire tax year.

At the core of the SafeSend Suite, SafeSend Returns automates the “last mile” of the tax return process. Assembly, delivery and e-sign with tracking and reminders reduces the time your firm’s admins spend on everything from placing “sign here” stickers to making calls to chase down un-returned documents, not to mention making fielding all those password-reset calls ancient history. Automated K-1 distribution gives clients the ability to send K-1s to shareholders which shifts the responsibility away from your staff and removes another stressor.

2. How can SafeSend’s implementation be so fast?

Traditional tax software implementation takes time. Generally a lengthy procedure that involves data conversion or transfer, it can be both daunting and overwhelming. But SafeSend’s highly specialized automation technology is completely web-based and therefore, has nothing to install. Your firm’s IT department isn’t required to be involved.

Sometimes the learning curve with new software can be a hiccup in the implementation process. The onboarding process and implementation of the SafeSend Suite workflow automation platform is straightforward and only takes a few hours. Follow up calls to check in and answer questions mean you aren’t left to figure things out on your own. Our knowledgeable Support and Customer Success teams make it their mission to ensure your success.

“The training was highly informative; and the implementation process was very smooth.” – Eric Morgan, CPA, Senior Manager, BiggsKofford, P.C.

3. Why would we switch to SafeSend when we are already overworked?

When resources and staff are stretched thin, it’s hard to think about change – even if it is changing to something that will address common pain points and ease the burden on your tax team. The thought of learning a new system can feel daunting. The SafeSend Suite is equally simple and straightforward to implement as it is powerful to streamline the client touchpoints across the tax engagement.

Within hours your firm can be fully utilizing the workflow automation platform of the SafeSend Suite, reducing your tax return assembly & delivery time down to minutes per return. Returns can be sent with only one email, saving staff the time and headaches of tracking down spouses’ email address. Additionally, the automated tracking and signing & payment reminders means your staff will spend significantly less time chasing down unsigned, unreturned documents and less time reminding clients of payments due. The SafeSend Suite handles business tax returns, 1120s, and even gives clients the ability to electronically distribute K-1s. And because everyone has access, everyone can help every client, eliminating bottlenecks.

“I definitely would make the time to implement.  SafeSend Returns has been a great timesaver for our admin team.” – Dawnell Shadden, CD Bradshaw & Associates, P.C.

4. How can the SafeSend Suite help us provide a better client experience?

Firms may have staff that are overburdened, but they also realize that many of their clients are overwhelmed with the tax return process. They want to provide the best possible experience for their clients. The SafeSend Suite workflow automation platform was developed with both the client and the firm in mind!

With every touchpoint in the tax engagement the client has one consistent experience no matter the step. The intuitive client interface walks clients through the process step-by-step. From engagement letters to organizers to tax returns and extensions, their experience will be familiar, guided, and straightforward. The client experience is enhanced, and your firm is elevated for providing such a smooth experience. Just listen to what Jerry Archer, President of Archer Sign Corp had to say about his experience with SafeSend Returns, the multi-award-winning core of the SafeSend Suite:

“Using SafeSend Returns was fast and unbelievably easy. The prior way was cumbersome. When my accounting firm sent over the tax package, it was so easy. I reviewed and signed on my computer; my wife used her phone. It was seamless. The process for my corporate return was also very fast. I was able to download it, save it, and distribute it easily to the people that need to see it.”

5. What we have is getting us by; why would we switch to SafeSend?

Your firm may have incorporated several different tools over time to address steps in the tax engagement. You may have even tried a software upgrade recently in an attempt to streamline your systems. You want to provide the best experience for your clients and at the same time, reduce the burden on your staff. That’s exactly where the SafeSend Suite shines! While it’s possible you are thinking another solution is the last thing you need, it may actually be the last thing you need!

Replacing multiple tools with one workflow automation platform that addresses every client touchpoint in the tax engagement from engagement letters to extensions means one seamless experience for your client and one tool for each step in the process for your staff. We take the needs of our customers and their clients seriously. We listen to customer feedback and develop and make enhancements to our automated solutions based on what our customers need and want to improve their workflow.

“I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is using multiple tools to assemble, deliver and gather e-signatures that they consider SafeSend. SafeSend Returns provides benefits for both the firm and the client in one solution.” – Gordon Krater, Retired Firm Managing Partner, Plante Moran, PLLC

6. How can the SafeSend Suite provide value to our firm?

Beyond the basic monetary cost of something, value is defined by relative worth, utility, or importance. The core of the SafeSend Suite, SafeSend Returns, saves firms both time and money. Transforming the paper-based methods to a streamlined, digital process cuts the assembly & delivery of prepared tax returns to less than five minutes and saves in material costs.

“SafeSend Returns, and everything that we get with it, has saved us a lot of money. When you think of all the FedEx packages that we used to send out and all the postage-paid envelopes – there’s a big savings.” – Janet DiBiase, Wiss & Company LLP

There will only ever be 24 hours in a day. So, when time savings is factored into the equation, value increases. You can leverage time in your firm by reducing or eliminating tedious, manual tasks. Freeing up time for your staff to concentrate on other projects like helping your firm more advisory services or take on more tax clients rather than spending hours placing “sign here” stickers or chasing down 8879s.

“I promise you’ll save money on the back end. We cut down our chase time by about 30 percent because we had SafeSend Returns helping us.” – Christopher Papin, Papin CPA

Additionally, with the SafeSend Suite, tools that you may pay additionally for, such as e-signing, are included…and unlimited. The ability to automate the delivery of extension packages and send them in less than three minutes, complete with payment vouchers and tracking, is also an included and unlimited benefit with the SafeSend Suite.

“We have used SafeSend Returns for about 3 years and SafeSend Organizers for 1 year. We love it. It cut our time to process returns and track down signed documents significantly. All our admin have access to status of the returns.” – Susan Flynn, EA, Director of Operations, Gallagher, Flintoff & Klein CPA

Leave your pain points in the rearview mirror along with the April tax deadline. Schedule a demo of the workflow automation platform and bid farewell to bottlenecks, multiple tools, and time-consuming tasks.

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SafeSend Returns® is the flagship solution in the SafeSend Suite™ and a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual, labor-intensive elements many tax departments experience producing client-ready tax returns. 

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