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Top 4 Factors for Firms to Consider for a Streamlined Workflow

When preparing for the tax year ahead, consider these four factors for a streamlined workflow in your firm. Increase the effectiveness of your staff as well as the satisfaction of your clients.

Engage a Proven Automation Solution for Your Engagement Letters

When preparing for the upcoming tax year, one of the first things to evaluate is your firm’s process for engagement letters. This integral part of the relationship you have with your clients is the piece that solidifies the working relationship and communicates any changes or expectations that may differ from year to year.

When you automate the engagement letter process with the SafeSend Suite™, the communication is personal, timely, and can even include 8879s for signature. These and other documents can be sent for signature with SafeSend Signatures™ at no additional cost throughout the year when you are using the SafeSend Suite.

Start the tax year off on the right foot with engagement letters that engage your firm with your clients and engage your staff with the ease of a streamlined workflow.

Fillable Digital Organizers Enhance Your Firm’s Tax Workflow

Sending bulky paper client organizers is tedious, expensive, and outdated. Traditional client organizers also have a historically low return rate. The streamlined workflow your firm experiences with SafeSend Organizers™ is a night-and-day difference from past procedures. The fillable digital organizer clients receive via SafeSend Organizers elevates the collection process of organizer information far above that of simply sending a PDF version of your organizer to clients. This simple-to-use tool converts static PDF organizers from your tax compliance software to a fillable form that you can send directly to your client!

Clients fill in the information and return it electronically – no printing or scanning required on their part. Source documents can be easily uploaded, eliminating the pesky “shoebox” method.

Give Staff (and Clients) a Five-Star Experience During Tax Season

There’s no surprise that staffing in the tax and accounting profession is suffering. According to Accounting Today, the biggest impact for over half of firms is increased workload/burnout for the employees who remain.

Attracting and keeping talent is increasingly difficult and one of the ways firms set themselves apart is through the promotion of a healthy work-life balance and flexible working arrangements. With SafeSend Returns®, the core of the SafeSend Suite, remote work is a breeze.

SafeSend Returns uses automation to collate and organize the digital tax return, giving your firm a streamlined workflow across the assembly and delivery process. The cloud-based workflow automation platform allows staff to work easily from any location. Plus, tracking and reporting features eliminate the need for manual tracking of where all your clients are in the review process.

Clients benefit greatly from SafeSend Returns’ intuitive client interface that walks them through the review and e-signing process, step-by-step. This red-carpet treatment means they never have to remember a username or password to access their completed return. Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) is used to grant access and their return is stored and available to them for seven years.

Automated Extensions Are Easy and Familiar

Delivery, review, and collecting signatures if they are required is a breeze with SafeSend Extensions™. Another piece of the streamlined workflow allows your firm to send extension packages to clients in minutes. Tracking and payment options are available as well. The same, familiar look and feel across the entire tax engagement ensures both staff and clients can easily adopt the process and benefit from the standard experience across the SafeSend Suite.

Streamlined Workflow for Each Season of the Tax Year

The simple yet powerful tools in the SafeSend Suite address pain points across the entire tax engagement. Eliminate logjams in your firm’s processes, experience a streamlined workflow, and elevate the client experience when you implement the SafeSend Suite.

“The SafeSend Suite has really solved so many pain points of our firm.” – Cheryl Papay, Sax LLP

Equip your team with the automation tools that reduce tedious tasks. Prepare now for the next tax year and sail through each season:

  • SafeSend Signatures gives your firm unlimited e-sign capabilities to all document types.
  • SafeSend Organizers converts static PDF organizers to a client-friendly, fillable
  •  form.
  • SafeSend Returns automates assembly, delivery and e-signing of completed tax packages.
  • SafeSend Extensions allows firms to digitally send clients an extension package in less than three minutes.

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SafeSend Returns is the flagship solution in the SafeSend Suite and a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual, labor-intensive elements many tax departments experience producing client-ready tax returns. 

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