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Product News: SafeSend Exchange is Now Part of the SafeSend Suite

SafeSend® announced the addition of SafeSend Exchange™ secure file transfer solution to the SafeSend Suite™ tax workflow automation platform. Now available within the Suite Preferred Pricing Tier, the new SafeSend Exchange release has a completely redesigned look and feel and has brought the power of secure file transfer to the SafeSend Suite, giving clients another consistent experience.

“The SafeSend Suite provides tax and accounting professionals seamless automation across the entire tax engagement process,” said Scott Fleszar, Chief Executive Officer. “The new SafeSend Exchange looks incredible and its inclusion in the SafeSend Suite further distinguishes our tax workflow automation platform from anything else in the marketplace.”

About SafeSend Exchange

SafeSend Exchange, part of the SafeSend Suite, is the only document and file delivery solution that offers a client portal, file sharing system, and automated PDF encryption all in one application with direct Microsoft® Outlook® integration or accessibility through the online platform. SafeSend Exchange is the only solution that overcomes the challenge of serving taxpayers that want their data sent via email. SafeSend Exchange allows a firm to automatically encrypt email attachments from within Outlook.

SafeSend Exchange also offers customizable “question & answer” based authentication to eliminate password confusion and give you the high adoption rates you expect from clients.

Visit the SafeSend Exchange page of our website to learn more about the number one firm-client file transfer solution for ease of use in the accounting profession.

SafeSend Organizers Enhancements

SafeSend Organizers™ recognizes the static PDF client organizer generated by your tax system and quickly converts it to a fillable form, making it easy and convenient for clients to complete and return to the firm. SafeSend recently released multiple enhancements for SafeSend Organizers based on customer feedback and requests. Some of the highlights include combined Proforma and Batch Organizer reporting, new Organizer reports, expanded capabilities around Source Documents, and more.

“These improvements, and the new automatic reminders within SafeSend Signatures – also part of the SafeSend Suite – showcase SafeSend’s continual drive to provide our customers with the best solutions in tax workflow automation,” commented Steve Dusablon, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer.

About SafeSend

SafeSend’s mission is to automate the tax and accounting profession with innovative, emerging technologies that help practitioners work more efficiently and serve their clients better. Progressive CPA firms and tax professionals rely on our unique and robust solutions to make their lives easier and their work more enjoyable.

SafeSend offers several foundational technology solutions for the tax and accounting profession. Our flagship offering, SafeSend Returns® is a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award and has redefined the way accounting firms digitally assemble, securely deliver, and quickly capture e-signatures from clients for completed tax return packages. Additionally, we offer TicTie Calculate®, an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in for accounting professionals. Visit to learn more about our digital solutions.

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SafeSend Returns is the flagship solution in the SafeSend Suite and a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual, labor-intensive elements many tax departments experience producing client-ready tax returns. 

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