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The Digital Binder Experience with Electronic K-1 Distribution

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The Digital Binder Experience With Electronic K-1 Distribution

Making Tax Season Easier For Accountants, And Their Clients

Tax season is always going to be stressful for accounting professionals, but it shouldn’t have to be that way for their clients. You could be the best tax preparer in the world, but if you can’t present information in a way that a client can easily digest, they’re not going to have a good experience.

Accountants are well aware of this problem and have always sought methods to make returns understandable (and less painful!) for their clients. But only recently, with the advent of SafeSend Returns and it’s revolutionary assembly & delivery process, has there been a solution fit for the modern accounting firm.

The Old Way

In a perfect world, you’d review returns with each of your clients in person, guiding them through the documents and answering any questions as they arise. Why doesn’t this happen? Because neither accounting firms nor their clients have time to do that. The next best thing is delivering returns to clients in a way that’s clear and makes sense. Figuring out just how to do that has proven trickier than you might expect.

Prior to the advent of e-filing and digital preparation was binders and folders like the kind you’d buy during back-to-school season. You can still find companies today that produce these products specifically for tax return purposes. The problem with this system is that it’s expensive and time consuming for accountants. It also prolongs the process, because you have to wait days if not weeks for client approval.

Enter digital preparation software, and it seemed a better way was on the horizon. Unfortunately, most early digital return portals were more arcane than the binders that preceded them. Clients had no clue how to navigate their returns, leading to confusion and frustration. What was supposed to be easier ended up being more headaches, and many firms returned to the tried-and-true way of doing this. That is, until SafeSend Returns burst onto the tax prep scene.

The Better Way For K-1 Distribution

In addition to being the only software that automates the assembly and delivery of tax returns, SafeSend Returns also creates a digital binder experience that makes client approval a breeze. Clients can review, approve and E- sign at anytime and from any device. This includes form 8879 and K-1 distribution. With SafeSend Returns, the system separates the K-1’s for each partner / shareholder.  Then your client can electronically deliver them simply by entering their email address.

Cloud functionality combined with a centralized location for all return forms is great, but what’s even better is the way SafeSend Returns guides the client through the approval process. With seamless navigation and on-screen prompts, it’s as if the taxpayer has an accountant right there with them. Turns out, that perfect-world scenario is achievable.

There’s no easy button for tax season. The closest we’ve come is software that automates tedious tasks  and streamlines the experience for accountants and taxpayers alike. For the assembly & delivery process, SafeSend Returns does just that. Ensuring that you can assemble and deliver an entire tax return in under 5 minutes, and saving the firm $40 per return – isn’t it time to throw out the old binders and implement electronic delivery of K-1’s?  

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