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A Complete Overhaul of Your Tax Return Process

By September 30, 2019 October 8th, 2019 No Comments
Tax Return Process Accounting may not be as seasonal as Halloween costume stores or Christmas decor pop-ups, but it’s beholden to the calendar all the same. Our busy tax season, which has a habit of going haywire in a hurry, is extended thru a few different periods due to extensions and EOY reporting. If you don’t have the right systems and practices in place, it can feel like busy season(s) run you, rather than vice versa. To make sure the brunt of the work – tax prep – hums rather than sputters, we built SafeSend Returns to automate every aspect of the assembly and delivery process. SafeSend Returns is a true end-to-end solution and represents nothing less than a complete overhaul of your current system. It’s not an added perk; it’s a new way of doing things, one with a quantifiable benefit to the tune of $40 per return. How can we say that with such confidence? Because client after client tells us!

The Old Way

The biggest headache when it comes to the tax return process isn’t difficulty. In many ways, the returns should be the easy part. But when bureaucratic hitches keep steps from proceeding smoothly, they can become a headache in a hurry. In the traditional tax prep process, firms must assemble documents into binders piecemeal, based on their erratic arrival. All the while, you need a spreadsheet to keep track of which documents you’ve received for each client. Once all the necessary pieces have arrived, you prepare a folder and send it through the mail. You cross your fingers that the client does everything correctly. If they do, then you can file the returns and make sure all necessary payments are made. If not, you’re going to have to send that packet all over again. It’s easy to see that this process doesn’t have one hitch, but many. You spend an inordinate amount of time collating documents and overseeing their delivery, working at breakneck pace just to make sure things are filed on time. You have to harangue clients to sign and return forms lest they end up sticking you with a massive amount of work at an inopportune time. With so many spaces for delays and hiccups, you can’t possibly estimate your tax season workflow with anything resembling precision. It is, in short, a nightmare of hoops to jump through and red tape to traverse. And if you follow any of the tax hashtags on social media, you are sure to witness that these headaches are very real and prudent in firms today!

The Better Way

Imagine if you had a single portal where you can handle every facet of the returns process, from the arrival of the first form to the delivery of the last. That, in essence, is what SafeSend Returns offers. It collates all of a client’s documents in a centralized location, alerting you when a return is ready to be sent to a client. We even partnered with TaxCaddy which goes out there and collects the documents needed from clients to really create an end to end process improvement when both systems are implemented. Inside SafeSend Returns, the system guides the client through their part of the equation, making sure a signature doesn’t get skipped over. It also provides an e-sign on the go option, essentially removing all of the traditional bottlenecks. Additionally, SafeSend Returns houses payment data and can alert clients about quarterly payments to avoid the all too common non-payment issues. The program streamlines the process for both preparer and client, which we think is the very definition of a win-win. Along with compatible software from Thomson Reuters and Wolters Kluwer, SafeSend Returns can help transform your entire tax return process, not just those headaches around getting signatures. The future is here. We’re told all the time how advisory services will become increasingly essential as technology makes the compliance aspect of accounting automated. When you evaluate the advancements of this topic, you may be left wondering where exactly these innovative solutions are. In SafeSend Returns, you’ve found one.

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