SafeSend Returns Signatures

Signatures extends the e-sign capabilities of SafeSend Returns beyond tax returns to all document types. An optional SafeSend Returns module, Signatures is designed for sending one-off documents such as engagement letters, consent forms and any other document requiring signature. By using this SafeSend Returns feature, you can further streamline reporting and tracking of documents requiring signature and offer clients an experience that is familiar, intuitive, and consistent in look-and-feel and process. Batch processing/mail merge capabilities supporting volume engagements letters and other bulk e-sign needs will be available in Signatures Fall 2020. The addition of document e-sign functionality to SafeSend Returns provides firm staff already comfortable using SafeSend Returns for assembly, delivery, and e-sign of tax returns, an overall more efficient and intuitive experience for capturing e-signatures across all documents types and all areas of the tax practice.

E-Signing with Signatures

Signatures Pricing

$2.00 Per Delivery

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Q: Can Signatures be used as a standalone solution?
A: No. Signatures is an optional, complementary add-on to SafeSend Returns. It is only available to firms using SafeSend Returns.

Q: Can individual users of Signatures in a firm be restricted from access to SafeSend Returns?
A: Yes. User group settings in SafeSend Returns allow for creating SafeSend Return users who only have access to Signatures.

Q: What is the pricing for Signatures?
A: $2 per document sent for e-signing

Q: Is Signatures a replacement for SignatureFlow?
A: SignatureFlow was officially sunset on July 31, 2020. Signatures in SafeSend Returns offers document e-sign functionality akin to SignatureFlow and is the replacement for SignatureFlow for firms using SafeSend Returns. Signatures is an optional, complementary add-on to SafeSend Returns. It is only available to firms using SafeSend Returns and cannot be licensed separately. SafeSend Returns is fully compatible with CCH Axcess™, ProSystem fx®, Thomson Reuters GoSystem® Tax RS, Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS® and Intuit Lacerte®.