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Review Of SignatureFlow

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Brief Description

SignatureFlow® is the first to market E-Signature application designed specifically for the tax & accounting industry.

Best Fit

Tax and accounting firms looking to use E-Signatures. Firms looking to automate workflow, build efficiency and reduce the cost of obtaining signatures from clients, staff or both.


  • Documents can easily be signed from anywhere, anytime via a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Accounting specific Microsoft® Outlook reporting and management
    • From Outlook you can search, filter and manage documents sent for E-Signature by Engagement Type, Document Type, Tax Year and Partner
    • Real time tracking of the signature status for documents sent by all members of your firm
    • Send reminders and download signed documents from Outlook
  • Document library to store user and firm wide templates
  • Mail Merge and batch processing allows  you to send hundreds of documents for E-Signature with the click of a button
  • Unlimited storage & customizable retention policies
  • Firm branding for final document delivery
  • Adobe Sign services included FREE with SignatureFlow®

Brief Product Description And Pricing

The ESIGN Act of 2000 made E-Signatures the legal equivalent of hand written signatures. E-Signatures have recently grown in popularity in the real estate, mortgage, insurance and other industries with broad based E-Signature solutions such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign services (formerly Adobe Document Cloud eSign services) and Right Signatures. However, these solutions were designed for mass markets and do not meet the needs and demands of the tax & accounting industry.

cPaperless partnered with Adobe to develop the first market E-Signature application designed specifically for the tax & accounting industry. With SignatureFlow®, each user receives FREE access to Adobe Sign services. (a $14.95 / month value).

Using the SignatureFlow® Outlook plug-in, users can quickly send documents for E-Signature. They classify each document with accounting specific and customizable reporting data (i.e. Document Type, Engagement Type, Tax Year and Partner). The user can easily drag and drop the location of the signatures being requested in the document. They can also drag and drop other standard fields such as the signer’s name, initials, title, company name, date, data entry fields, check box selections and more. These fields can be placed anywhere in the document, and text tags allow for automated placement to build efficiency in templates. The document is then sent to all parties required to sign the document. They can E-Sign from any PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. After all parties have E-Signed, SignatureFlow® delivers the final signed document to all parties in a firm branded email.

Accounting firms often need to mail merge and batch process documents requiring signatures. Examples include annual engagement letters and §7216 consent for clients, and annual independence surveys for staff. The SignatureFlow® mail merge function allows you to send hundreds of documents for E-Signature with the click of a button. First, use the Microsoft® Word plug-in to create a standard mail merge template. Second, accumulate the merge data in a .CSV file from any tax or practice management software program. Finally, you can verify the documents and then batch upload for E-Signature.

All members of your firm can access the Outlook report to see real time reporting of the signature status. This report is firm wide so your firm administrators and partners will have complete visibility over every document sent for E-Signature from your firm. From this report, users can also send reminders and view / download final signed documents.

There are no monthly service fees to use SignatureFlow® and all members of your firm can install the software for free. Charges apply to each document sent for E-Signature. Pricing is $1.50 per document. The only time the price changes is if you are sending an 8879 which is an additional cost of $1/signer, due to the IRS requiring Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) on Form 8879.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Microsoft .Net Framework: 4.0 or higher
  • Internet Connection: Required
  • Adobe Sign services provided FREE with SignatureFlow®
  • Citrix and Terminal Server compatible

Integration With Accounting And Ease Of Use

SignatureFlow® can be used with any Word or PDF document requiring a signature. These documents can be generated from any tax & accounting or other software solution. Most clients are trained at their leisure through a complete library of Online Training Videos.

Representative Client List (Where Applicable)

SafeSend™ is used by firms of any size. Clients range from sole practitioners to top 100 accounting firms. Please contact cPaperless, LLC for client references.

Company History And Contact Information

cPaperless, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Dallas, TX. They were founded in 2008 and have since accumulated a client base of over 3,500 tax and accounting firms and over 40,000 licensed users of their products.

Contact Information:

Free Trial of SignatureFlow: Download Now!
Information and Sales: or (800) 716-2558 x 100

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