NEW “Return the Favor” Referral Program: 

Announcing the SafeSend Returns customer referral program for firms using SafeSend Returns!  Refer a firm that can benefit from SafeSend Returns and each firm will receive $300 in SafeSend Returns, $600 in total value for sharing the love!*

Friends Don’t Let Friends Process Paper:

Firms need to find good technology solutions that can scale quickly and facilitate working remotely.  Currently, firms have neither the time to take on lengthy due diligence efforts nor to suffer trial and error cycles.  Help cut the technology curve for your friends and end the paper chase by introducing them to the SafeSend Returns program that has revolutionized the way firms assemble, deliver and eSign tax return packages!

It’s A Win-Win:

It’s a win-win for both the firms and the community of firms if everyone can benefit through technology referrals.  The “Return a Favor” program by SafeSend Returns offers both firms a financial reward ($300 each) and cuts down the “trial and error” and time it takes to vet technologies.  In addition, the whole tax and accounting community wins by moving towards more efficient and paperless processes that accommodate a work-from-anywhere strategy.

*Each firm will receive $300 worth of SafeSend Returns at current list pricing (total 20 SafeSend Returns) upon completion of new firm initial purchase of 250 min. pkg. qty.  The new firm must use one of the following SafeSend Returns compatible tax softwares:   CCH Axcess™, CCH ProSystem fx™, Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS™, or Thomson Reuters GoSystem Tax RS™.