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Invest in Innovation:

SafeSend Solutions Pricing

Invest in your firm confidently with technology solutions to help you automate the tax engagement process and elevate the client experience.

Anchored by SafeSend Returns, the SafeSend Suite is an entirely unique and powerful platform that is helping firms reduce work by automating every client touchpoint in the tax engagement process. It will leave you wondering, “why has no one thought of this before?”

Our simple tiered pricing model gives you instant access to modules and features within the SafeSend Suite without any additional cost beyond the per-return fee.

SafeSend Suite Pricing Tiers
Suite Essential Suite Preferred
SafeSend Returns $13-$17 per return $14-$20 per return
-- SafeSend Signatures Unlimited Unlimited
-- SafeSend Extensions Unlimited Unlimited
-- SafeSend Organizers Not Included Unlimited
-- SafeSend Exchange Not Included Unlimited
Volume Discounts
Number of Returns Suite Essential Suite Preferred
10,000+ $13.00 $14.00
2,500-9,999 $14.00 $15.50
1,000-2,499 $15.00 $17.00
500-999 $16.00 $18.50
Under 500 $17.00 $20.00

Eliminate the Tedious, Manual Tasks Around Assembly & Delivery

SafeSend Returns is the flagship solution within the SafeSend Suite. When you purchase a package of returns, you unlock all the functionality included in your pricing tier. Delivered tax return packages are considered all forms, documents, and schedules of Individual (1040), Trusts (1041s) and/or Entity (1120, 1120s, 1065), both Federal, State(s) and Local returns, as well as any typical accompanying documentation i.e. Source files, Schedule Ds, K-1s, Filing Instructions, Vouchers, ES (Estimated Payments), E-File Authorization, Etc.

Returns are purchased in pre-paid packages at the Suite Essential or Suite Preferred pricing tier and DO NOT expire. They roll-over year to year.

SafeSend Returns Implementation & Training

To ensure your firm’s SafeSend Returns onboarding is smooth and easy, implementation is required with your initial purchase. Our qualified trainers and product experts will have you up and running quickly.


Private Implementation & Training - $2,000*

This is a one time investment that includes account setup, private user training with just your firm, and a launch call. Additionally, on-going refreshers, workshops, group user trainings, and unlimited support are included throughout the year with your implementation fee.

Open Implementation & Training - $1,500

Available to firms that process less than 1,000 returns, this one time investment includes account setup, user training in a group setting, and a launch call. Additionally, on-going refreshers, workshops, and unlimited support are included throughout the year with your implementation fee.


*Additional fees apply to firms with multiple offices. Contact for more information.

Send One-Off Documents for E-Signing Outside the Tax Package 

Unlimited use of SafeSend Signatures at no additional cost is automatically included with all purchases of Suite Essential or Suite Preferred pricing tier packages. Signatures brings the power of e-signing all year to your firm and is available as part of the SafeSend Suite. Beyond tax returns, SafeSend Signatures is a complete e-sign solution for all of your one-off document and engagement letter needs. 

Save Money by Reducing or Eliminating Labor, Paper, and Postage Costs

Unlimited use of SafeSend Organizers at no additional cost is automatically included with all purchases of Suite Preferred pricing tier package. SafeSend Organizers converts your static client organizer (printed to PDF from your tax preparation software) quickly to a fillable form and is available as part of the SafeSend Suite. Make it easy and convenient for clients to complete and return organizers to you! 

Assemble & Deliver Extension Packages to Clients in as Little as 3 Minutes 

SafeSend Extensions will release in Q4 of this year. Unlimited use of SafeSend Extensions at no additional cost is automatically included with all purchases of Suite Essential or Suite Preferred pricing tier packages. SafeSend Extensions handles all return types and automates the delivery of documents for review, collects signatures if required, provides payment options for vouchers by various taxing authorities, and allows staff to track where clients are in the extension package process.

SafeSend Exchange combines the best of email, file sharing and client portal capabilities, in a single solution, right from within the Outlook® interface. SafeSend Exchange is relied upon by thousands of accounting firms. SafeSend Exchange has replaced traditional client portals that have proven to be difficult to implement, not widely adopted by clients, and wrought with the password pitfalls clients continually find themselves in.

Implement Powerful Automation with the SafeSend Suite

See how the SafeSend Suite can help you work more efficiently and better serve your clients. Get started with a product demonstration and Q&A session.

Ready to purchase? Contact our Sales Team for assistance by email at or by phone at 800-716-2558.

TicTie Calculate is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in that is designed specifically for the tax and accounting profession. Mark-up digital workpapers exactly as you would on paper and speed up the source document process.

TicTie Calculate Pricing
1-9 $200
10-24 $180
25-49 $160
50-99 $140
100+ $120
250+ Contact Us

*TicTie Calculate renews annually at the reduced rate of $72.00 per workstation.


  • Tickmarks in Red, Blue or Green
  • Tickmark Navigator
  • Digital Calculator Tape with Direct Print to PDF
  • Hyperlinked Cross-references
  • Automated Bookmarking and Repagination
  • Page Sign‐offs
  • Sign‐off Summary
  • Digital Ruler
  • Save As (to remove annotations)
  • Single-click Page Rotation
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • Much more!

Technical Requirements

  • Adobe Acrobat 2017, 2020, and DC
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 or higher
  • Internet connection
  • Terminal Server and Citrix Compatible

Purchase TicTie Calculate for Your Workstation

TicTie Calculate is an accounting centric toolbar in Acrobat® that allows you to organize and annotate digital PDFs the same way an accountant would in the paper world. It is easy to install and deploy. Browse a complete library of online training documents in our Help Center.

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