Seizing The Opportunity: New Normal to Best Practice

With some of the dust now settling, what are key learnings from the COVID-19 disruptions? In what ways will tax practices emerge more resilient, productive, and more nimble as a result of enduring a crash-course in shifting amid a crisis?

Tax practices working fully remote found their rhythm and achieved efficiency around data entry & preparation as well as remote review & sign-off relatively quickly. The bigger challenges arose with the tax engagement processes after a return is complete. Especially for firms accustomed to meeting clients in-person, collecting wet signatures, and delivering the completed tax return on paper. The good news is that technology can make the last mile of the tax engagement easy and efficient; fully supporting staff that are working from home and evolving to a remote client service model.

New Normal to Best Practice

New Normal

Please note, SafeSend Returns is fully compatible with CCH Axcess™ Tax, CCH ProSystem fx™ Tax, Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS™ and Thomson Reuters GoSystem Tax RS™.