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SafeSend is excited to share that our product managers and engineers have been diligently working on up-coming product enhancements to help you serve clients in a contactless way, while elevating their experience and moving your firm forward. We are proud to announce the first of several enhancements coming in the next few months.

Enhancement Overview

Enhancements to the Client Experience UI within SafeSend Returns will help your clients know exactly what steps they need to take in order to finish the tax engagement process. We’ve reimagined the full taxpayer experience, incorporated your feedback along the way, and added intuitive elements. Make it even easier for clients to complete the tax engagement with new overall organization; easier and more secure access authentication through text; more intuitive icons; new in-browser PDF viewer to review transmittals, tax returns, and attachments; and signer-delegation capabilities for business entities. The new UI will also allow your firm to add branding, such as a firm logo, firm colors, or the firm name to the system, maintaining that connection between your firm and your clients.

Steve Dusablon, President and Chief Innovation Officer, commented on the upcoming product release, “In this challenging time where COVID-19 has disrupted life both personally and professionally, our engineers and developers have been working hard on re-imagining the Client Experience within SafeSend Returns, as well as other enhancements, that will help firms serve their clients in a contactless way, while elevating the client experience and moving firms forward.” He continued, “The new Client Experience within SafeSend Returns will make it easier for both firms and taxpayers to finish the ‘last mile’ of the tax prep engagement quickly and easily, while placing the firm in the spotlight with options to deploy firm branding.”

How Clients Will Benefit

Never before has there been an easier or clearer way to work with clients remotely while finishing the assembly, delivery, and e-signing of the completed tax package. Enhancements that directly benefit firm clients include:

Better organization and updated icons have been added to the Client Experience UI for an even more intuitive process. A progress bar shows a user’s progression as various steps are completed.

The new Client Experience UI offers an easier and more secure access authentication process by allowing firm clients to receive access code by email or text message and complete the login process.

For business entities, enhanced K-1 distribution has been added directly to the guided client process and easy-to-use signer delegation capabilities are available in this release.

More for Firms

The new Client Experience UI extends the ease and convenience that firms already love in SafeSend Returns while elevating the firm image in client eyes. Several enhancements will be firm facing, including:

New built-in 3rd party payment processing in partnership with Stripe will be offered in addition to firm-provided links to their own payment systems.

Branding is a new option available to System Administrators under the Account Management menu. It allows firms to upload a color logo and white logo and select colors in order to present a firm-branded experience to clients.

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