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Introducing SafeSend Extensions, Part of the SafeSend Suite

SafeSend has introduced SafeSend Extensions, allowing tax and accounting firms to digitally send their clients an extension package in less than three minutes. SafeSend Extensions automates the delivery of documents for review, collects signatures if required, provides payment options for vouchers by various taxing authorities, and allows staff to track where clients are in the extension package process.

New Functionality in the SafeSend Suite

SafeSend Extensions provides familiarity and comfort for firms and their clients, and both benefit from the standard experience across the SafeSend Suite platform. Providing seamless automation throughout the whole tax process makes the need for multiple tools or interfaces for each step of the tax journey obsolete.

“SafeSend Extensions is the final piece that was needed to complete the automation circle we call the Tax Engagement Life Cycle,” explained Steve Dusablon, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “We wanted to give that full life cycle experience to our customers and SafeSend Extensions was the only outlier. Now, tax and accounting professionals have automation and tracking with every step throughout the tax engagement which standardizes their processes and streamlines and elevates the client experience.”

Automation and Tracking Throughout the Entire Tax Engagement Life Cycle

With the addition of SafeSend Extensions to the suite, firms have a full picture of what is going on with their clients in one place, from the engagement letter all the way through the signed e-file form to release the tax return. Visit us online to learn more about SafeSend Extensions.

“Rounding out the SafeSend Suite, SafeSend Extensions completes the circle in the fully automated tax engagement life cycle for tax and accounting professionals and their clients,” commented Scott Fleszar, Chief Executive Officer.

The SafeSend Suite platform offers powerful functionality to tax and accounting professionals to address every client touchpoint across the tax engagement. The manual tasks often associated with the back and forth of client communication through each season of the tax year are now fully automated.

  • Engagement Letters – SafeSend Signatures™
  • Client Organizers – SafeSend Organizers™
  • Assemble & Delivery – SafeSend Returns®
  • Extensions – SafeSend Extensions™

Visit us online to learn more about automating the tax engagement workflow.

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SafeSend Returns is the flagship solution in the SafeSend Suite and a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual, labor-intensive elements many tax departments experience producing client-ready tax returns. 

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