The Complete Electronic Tax Return Assembly and Delivery System

SafeSend Returns™ is not a Client Portal, Workflow, or typical E-Signature application. SafeSend Returns™ is the only electronic system that automates the Assembly, Delivery, Tracking, and Receipt of Tax Returns.

Not just another “Firm Workflow” solution or Client Portal…

SafeSend Returns™ is a revolutionary tax return assembly and delivery process unique to the market. We bring you an entirely new system that will leave you wondering, why has no one thought of this before?


Firms lose thousands of dollars each year sending paper returns. SafeSend™ Returns will save your firm about $40 per return, save $10 just in paper and postage alone!


Automated tax return assembly and delivery can save your firm precious hours each tax season. What will you do with all of the extra time SafeSend Returns™ affords you?


Comprehensive reporting, tracking, automated K-1 distribution and Form 8879 E-Sign means your staff is not hurried, less stressed and free to grow with higher level projects.


Clients love SafeSend Returns™ ease of use and Form 8879 E-Sign, but quarterly reminders for payment vouchers and electronic K-1s sent to shareholders can make them clients for life.

Please Note: SafeSend Returns is compatible with UltraTax CS, CCH Axcess and CCH ProSystem fx

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Revise Your Routine

With SafeSend Returns™, you have the power to redefine your firm’s entire culture surrounding tax returns. In one fell swoop, you will banish the days of a harried, stressed-out staff scrambling to sort out a mountain of incomplete and unorganized returns.

SafeSend Returns™ is not only vastly beneficial to your staff and firm, but you can rest easy knowing that your clients will have no problem transitioning to cPaperless’ innovative software solution.

SafeSend Returns™ presents information to the taxpayer in a logical, step-by-step process that is intuitive, as if the tax professional was there, holding their hand the whole way while deftly affording them the ability to complete everything on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Take Your Firm’s Productivity To The Next Level