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SafeSend Returns now Integrates With TaxCaddy

By December 21, 2018 February 4th, 2019 No Comments
SafeSend Returns

A Huge Boost for CPAs and Their Clients

Filing taxes has been a headache since time immemorial, and as long as there have been accountants, they’ve been doing tax work. As such, every CPA wants to make the tax process as easy as possible for their clients. That’s why we’re so happy to announce the SafeSend Returns now fully integrates with TaxCaddy, making the process of preparing and filing 1040 returns easier than ever before.

“CPA firms are hungry for solutions that improve the tedious tasks associated with 1040 returns,” said Steve Dusablon, CEO of SafeSend Returns, when the partnership was announced in June 2018. “The marrying of SafeSend Returns with TaxCaddy is not only automating those processes, it is improving morale in the firms, and providing visibility to both the CPA and their clients that has never been available until now.” The promise inherent in merging these two pieces of software—one which automates at the first steps of the tax process, and another which focuses on the last—is now a reality for accounting professionals.

A full integration was announced in December 2018 “Combining the power of SafeSend Returns with the unique automated document retrieval technology of TaxCaddy is a game-changer for firms to transform historically tedious processes. Explained Steve Dusablon, CEO of SafeSend Returns. Users of both systems will completely eliminate the paper organizer while delivering to clients a digital return complete with a calendaring system, alerts and tracking for the firm.” He continued, “The online dashboard alone provides visibility and insights to accounting firms that have traditionally been huge blind spots in the client relationship.” Read full press release here.

How it works

The integration begins in SafeSend Returns, with a CPA uploading a return to the software. Once the return has been filed and process, SafeSend will automatically match the user information with the corresponding information in TaxCaddy. After a match is found and confirmed, an alert of the return is sent to the client’s email.

To access that information, the client must verify their identity and log into their TaxCaddy account. Then, they’ll arrive at an all-new landing page that guides them through their return. The first step is download all of the relevant documents and review them. When the client is complete with their review, they can e-sign and complete the returns process. Upon completion, the client receives payment details including when and to whom payments are do. To finalize the process, they click “Done.”

The return is then sent to the CPA’s TaxCaddy account. The CPA uploads and e-signs the return, completing the 1040 process. From start to finish, the process moves seamlessly from CPA to client and back with zero downtime.

Why it matters

SafeSend Returns automates the assembly, delivery, tracking, and receipt of all of your clients’ returns, but it’s not a client-facing portal. TaxCaddy, on the other hand, is automated through client accounts. Combining the two together involves the client in every step of the process, keeping them informed the second their return is ready for review. SafeSend returns already eliminates any need for a CPA to ever go to the post office to send returns. Now, the client doesn’t have to either.

The integration between SafeSend Returns and TaxCaddy makes the 1040 process more efficient than ever before. Automation and ease of information sharing are present in nearly every aspect of our lives. Why should taxes be any different?

For more information on how the TaxCaddy and SafeSend Returns integration works schedule a demo today! 

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