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Review Of TicTie Calculate

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TicTie Calculate

Brief Description

Tic, Tie & Calculate™ (TTC) is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in designed for tax & accounting professionals. It makes Acrobat accounting friendly and allows you to easily prepare paperless workpapers from scanned PDF files.

Best Fit 

Tax and accounting professionals using Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional. Public accounting or private industry.


Tic, Tie & Calculate™ (TTC) brings tax & accounting specific functionality to Adobe Acrobat. With TTC, professionals can easily prepare paperless workpapers with PDF files. Features include:

  • Tickmarks in Red, Blue and Green
  • Tickmark Navigator
  • Digital Calculator Tape with Direct Print to PDF
  • Hyper Linked Cross References
  • Automated Bookmarking and Repagination
  • Preparer / Reviewer Page Sign-Offs
  • Review Status Summary
  • Digital Ruler
  • Single Click Page Rotation
  • Multiple Monitor Support

Brief Product Description and Pricing

Paperless tax and accounting firms scan client source documents to PDF format. They then use Adobe Acrobat to open, modify, annotate and manage the PDF files. However, Adobe Acrobat was not designed for accountants. TTC makes Adobe Acrobat accounting friendly. TTC allows tax and accounting professionals to scan source documents into PDF format.  They can then open the PDF file and document their work in accordance with their firm’s documentation standards.  The above listed features allow the user to prepare paperless tax & accounting workpapers with PDF files the same way they did with paper based binders.

Getting started with TTC is very easy. cPaperless provides FREE CPE Webinars to educate firms on using Adobe Acrobat to prepare tax & accounting workpapers. Anyone can download and install a FREE 30 Day Trial of the software. Users can access a complete library of Online Training Videos to learn how to use the program at their leisure.

Pricing starts at $184 per user for the initial purchase with a $60 per user annual renewal. Annual renewals include unlimited customer support and automatic updates to new version releases. Volume discounts apply at 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250+ quantities.

Technical Specifications 

  • Adobe Acrobat: Acrobat Standard or Professional, Version 8.0 or higher
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Microsoft .Net Framework: 3.5 or higher
  • Internet Connection: Required
  • Citrix and Terminal Server compatible

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Use

TTC is very easy to use. Most clients are trained at their leisure through a complete library of Online Training Videos.

TTC comes installed with bookmarking templates that match the bookmarking schema of the following OCR tax scan solutions (i.e. Scan-and-Organize or Scan-and-Populate). These bookmarking templates allow the user to easily bookmark, reclassify and repaginate source documents that are not identified by the respective OCR scan software.

  • Drake GruntWorx
  • CCH ProSystems fx Scan
  • Lacerte ProLine Tax Import
  • Thomson Reuters Source Document Processing

Representative Client List (where applicable) 

TTC is used by firms and corporate finance departments of any size. Clients range from sole practitioners to top 10 accounting firms, as well as Fortune 500 corporations. Please contact cPaperless, LLC for client references.

Company History and Contact Information 

cPaperless, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Dallas, TX. They were founded in 2008 and have since accumulated a client base of over 2,500 tax and accounting firms and over 20,000 licensed users of their products.

Information and Sales: or (800) 716-2558 x 100

Free Trial of TTC: Download Now!

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