SafeSend Returns Supports the New 1040 Tax Forms and Much More

2018 tax season was a nightmare for many firms, being the first year after the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, tax preparers were forced to get familiar with an entirely new tax code. While [...]

The Digital Binder Experience with Electronic K-1 Distribution

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SafeSend Returns now Integrates With TaxCaddy

A Huge Boost for CPAs and Their Clients Filing taxes has been a headache since time immemorial, and as long as there have been accountants, they’ve been doing tax work. As such, every CPA wants [...]

Getting a Grip on Tax Extensions: K-1 Distribution Automation

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Changing Workflows and Processes: Electronic Signatures for CPAs

Changing Workflows and Processes: What we learned by being the first-mover of E-signatures for CPAs It’s a challenge and an opportunity to have a revolutionary solution for the accounting [...]

Top 5 Tax Tools to Automate Your Firm

If you ask 10 accounting professionals what the least efficient and most stressful part of their job is, the answer will be unanimous: taxes. The tax accounting process, from filing to delivering [...]

Tax Return Assembly, A Broken Process Resolved

Would you say tax season was a breeze this year? If you’re like most tax and accounting firms operating today, the answer to that question is most likely “no,” or “absolutely not.” And among all [...]