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SafeSend Returns and Peterson Sullivan

Thursday, May 24, 2018 by SafeSend

In the Spring of 2016, the firm underwent a Lean process improvement project over their 1040 tax process and considered using SafeSend Returns to reduce the amount of paper shuffling involved in the process. But, fearing pushback from clients, they tabled implementation for a few months.

By the fall of that year, the firm realized their clients were asking for a way to sign Form 8879 online. They decided to do a demo with two partners. The two partners involved in the demonstration were really pleased with the results and started sharing it with others in the firm. By the last day of the filing season, word had spread that there was a better way.

Today, SafeSend Returns is the default method of delivering returns and collecting e-file authorizations for all 1040s and entity returns. Clients do have the option of opting out if they prefer to have their return mailed or sign in the office, but about 70 percent of 1040 clients are using it, and the firm pushes to bring more clients on board each year.

The firm estimates that it has realized time savings of 30 to 35% on processing returns and countless hours that used to be spent chasing down 8879s. “The biggest difference we’ve noticed is that it’s not as crazy around deadlines,” Peyovich says. “We’re not contacting clients five times a day to get the 8879 in by the deadline. It frees up staff to work on other things and just makes their lives easier.”

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